Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Stilettos - Stimulusblackboxresponse (2007)

front cover

And this is already my last offer for this week. May I present you The Stilettos, a garage/punk outfit from Utrecht, the Netherlands. Expect on this platter twelve asskickin' songs with no frills or productional tricks, just a throat, guitar, drums and a sporadic harmonica. 'Stimulusblackboxresponse' is The Stiletto's third effort, which was released on Tocado Records, an independent record label from Rotterdam.

Stilettos on Myspace Download Stimulusblackboxresponse Here


Pascal Thunder said...

Hey Pascalito, this is the link of Mattias hellberg....
Please, @+

pascalito said...

Now it's the right link, my excuses comrade.
Grtz from a rainy Belgium.