Saturday, December 12, 2009

Chris Con Carne - Concarnage (2002)

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This is Double Crown's rawest, most emotional release ever! Chris Con Carne is a Bellingham, WA duo featuring Chris Lamb on Mississippi delta slide guitar and Dan Lowinger on drums (he's also the guitarist of The Footstompin' Trio). More than just another duo, this two-piece has quite a following in the NW, spreading the gospel in bars and taverns in towns large and small. No other band conjures up the sound, feel and smell of Bellingham's world famous 3-B Tavern like these boys. So grab yerself a half-rack of cheap-ass beer, a big plate of meat and kick back with the raw blues of Chris Con Carne. (source: Double Crown Records)

Chris Con Carne is a Bellingham, WA, duo that consists of Chris Lamb on Delta blues-influenced slide guitar and Dan Lowinger clattering away on furious, buckety drums. On Concarnage, the pair's raw-recorded primal blues falls somewhere in between the White Stripes and the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. But Chris Con Carne is most successful when slashing away at instrumentals, such as the (barely blues) hard garage sound of "Math Rock" or the more blues-influenced "Burden of Proof." As a vocalist, Lamb often opts for histrionics over feel, growling and snorting his way to near-parody (à la Spencer), and that somewhat undermines the effectiveness of some tracks -- though he does offer an able reading of Son House's "Preaching' Blues." Overall, however, this is a solid effort that sails on the back of Lamb's blistering slide and the duo's cheeky and gritty garage aggression. (source: All Music Guide)
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Hi, I know people of Double Crown are very strict with their albums on the internet but I was wondering if you could pass me that album? only the link by e-mail?

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