Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mans Ruin - Mans Ruin EP (2009)

image from their Myspace

Molded from solid Flemish clay, a new promising Belgian stoner formation is born. There aren't to many bands here in Belgium who play groovy (stoner) rock, we have Mogul, Kube, Hulk, Triggerfinger ..., once we had Cowboys & Aliens, Hypnos69 and El Guapo Stuntteam... sadly, these are disbanded. Now we have Mans Ruin, and they have just released their self titled debut (mini) album, including 5 groovy tracks brought in the best stoner rock tradition, although there are some very Helmet-ish hooks in it (who can't remember their astonishing debut 'Meantime'). Anyway, Fu Manchu and Dozer fans, please pay attention to Mans Ruin, 'cause this is good old fashioned stoner rock.
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Mans Ruin on Myspace Download Mans Ruin Here

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