Thursday, August 27, 2009

Restavrant - Returns To The Tomb Of Guiliano Medidici (2008)

front cover

Here's a request from my shoutbox, enjoy this Roadburner. You can discribe this Texan duo as a part hillbilly and a part electro-punk combo. Retavrant are Troy Olaf Murrah and J State, and they bring us everything from bluesy banjos to garbage-pail percussion, played with a no-frills punk recklessness. 'Returns To The Tomb Of Guiliano Medidici' stands in the grand tradition of music made for whiskey nights and bar fights. This is a messy, twangy, noisy affair, but it's a great deal of fun. So, that's it, this was my last offer for this week!

Restavrant on Myspace Download Returns To The Tomb Of Guiliano Medidici

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Electric Orange - Abgelaufen (2001)

front cover

Requested by gav-the-lad via 'Wine, Women And Song' blogspot. Electric Orange are a German space rock band, formed in the early nineties. 'Abgelaufen' was released in 2001, but it was based on sessions which were recorded 'till July 1999 and August 2000. Expect a trippy, repetitive and fairly laid back album, containing spoken words, and a sound you can discribe as Pink Floyd meets CAN!-ish krautrock/fusion.

Electric Orange on Myspace Download Abgelaufen

Chooglin' - Sweet Time (2009)

front cover

Named after a Creedence song, Chooglin' were formed in Minnesota (US) in 2005. Take uncut pieces of 70's garagerock, equal parts soul and (alt)metal, doused with a 'CCR'-sauce and spiced with funky horns, this is today's menu! 'Sweet Time' is Chooglin's third release, their first on the famous Fat Possum Records label. Bon appetit!

Chooglin' on Myspace Download Sweet Time

Bull Dyke Rodeo - Bull Dyke Rodeo II: Dykefuge (2009)

front cover

Dropped in my mailbox a few days back, thx! This isn't the regular stuff I normally post, but it's well worth to check. They wrote: Hey,Cody here from the Wisconsin-based doom band Bull Dyke Rodeo. We're all big fans of your blogs and would love if you would feature our newest album, bull dyke rodeo II: dykefuge, on your blog. We'd love share our music with you and your readers. I've attached the album artwork for the album, and you can obtain our album from the rapid-share link below. Keep Dooming,

As they said, doom is the main part on this platter, however it's very well varied with stoner, metal and postrock .
So, ... keep supporting the artists, go to their shows, buy some CD's, vinyls, T-shirts...
The downloadlink is theirs.
If you like this, you can purchase it here.

Bull Dyke Rodeo on Myspace Download Bull Dyke Rodeo II Dykefuge (their own link)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Rockford Mules - Crooked Tooth (2006)

front cover
The Rockford Mules were founded in Minneapolis basement during the winter of 2005. Expect here some stampeding lap steel guitar, a bone carving rhythm section all this added with soulful lyrics, or as they wrote, the songs draw on the earthy elements of early southern rock infused with seventies dirty sonic sneer. This 7 song EP was their debut release. If you're searching to some splendid southern-blues hardrock tunes, than is 'Crooked Tooth' probably your thing.
A huge thx goes to our friend from Greece, Peter.
Our prayers are with the Greek citizens, who are fighting huge fires. Keep faith.

The Rockford Mules on Myspace Download Crooked Tooth

Honkeyfinger - Invocation of The Demon Other (2008)

front cover

Honkeyfinger, based in the UK, is another one man lo-fi scratch and slide blues band. Take fuzzy harmonicas, beatboxing loops, rattlesnakes, heavy raw blues and garage and throw this into the blender, that's Honkeyfinger's cocktail. Cheers!

Honkeyfinger on Myspace Download Invocation of The Demon Other

Monday, August 24, 2009

Vic Du Monte's Persona Non Grata - Autoblond (2009)

front cover

Requested ... a while ago, here's Vic Du Monte's last offer. This is Vic Du Monte's ( aka Chris Cockrell, co-founder of Kyuss) third album, or the second as "Vic Du Monte's Persona Non Grata", also featuring, on drums, is Alfredo Hernandez (Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age and the brilliant Ché) and Sargon Dooman and James Childs. The main feature is stoner-blues, all this drenched in garage rock reverb with a punk rock attitude. The band are on tour in Europe in September and October, first with Nebula, thereafter they'll do some shows with the mighty Masters of Reality!

Vic Du Monte on Myspace Download Autoblond

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Black Smokers - Used (2009)

front cover

Black Smokers, hailing from Alessandria (Italy), are a deep 'down-home-psycho-rock-blues' duo featuring Marcello 'Blues Milanese' ('brutal-slide'guitar, vocals) and 'trashcan' drummer Ivano 'Little Lung' Zanotti. Imagine Tom Waits fronting a dirty deltablues garage outfit. Another garage-blues duo, except that these two punters learned their dirty black snake moan in the oddly un-Deltalike environs of Italy rather than some more appropriate mudhole like Mississippi or Texas, or even Chicago's West Side. Pay the purists grumbling never mind, tho ',' cause the Black Smokers - brutal slide-guitarist/vocalist Marcello Milanese and M80-in-a-hurricane Trashcan drummer Ivano Zanotti - are possessed by the spirit, and the tuneage they crank out on used, their erstwhile U.S. debut, is every bit as gritty, fiery, and funky as any you'll barroom blooze funnel into yer brainpan this year (source: Blurt). They played at the Deep Blues Festival (MN) recently, sharing the stage with bands such as High Plane Drifters, Cashman, Black Diamond Heavies and a lot more. For further info about this brilliant event, click here.

Black Smokers on Myspace Download Used

T 99 - Coo Coo (2001)

front cover

This one was also dropped in my shoutbox, thx! T-99, hailing from Amsterdam, are a roots/ blues trio. They bring an eclectic mix between R&B, rock'n'roll, blues (the Fat Possum sound with the attitude of the North Mississippi All Stars and classic post-war Chicago blues), added with a bit surf and country. 'Coo Coo' is their debut album, released on Cool Buzz Records, followed by 'Strange Things Happen' (2004), 'Cherrystone Park' (2005) and 'Vagabonds' in 2007.

T 99 on Myspace Download Coo Coo

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Henry's Funeral Shoe - Everything's for Sale (2009)

front cover

'Henry's Funeral Shoe' is a Welsh duo, formed by the brothers Aled (guitar/vocals) and Brennig Clifford (drums and backings), HFS is maybe the Welsh's answer to The Black Keys and Left lane Cruiser. 'Everything's for Sale' is HFS first release, and it's a promising effort consisting bass-free high energy garage-blues with some influences from the seventies (Led Zep,...). Released on the American 'Alive Records' record label, home of bands such as Left Lane Cruiser, Black Diamond Heavies, Brimstone Howl...

Henry's Funeral Shoe on Myspace Download Everything for Sale

Friday, August 21, 2009

Steve Conte and The Crazy Truth (2009)

Steve Conte, known from the legendary New York Dolls (lead guitarist/backing singer and co-songwriter) , is now back with his solo project, called Steve Conte & The Crazy Truth. The Crazy Truth lies somewhere between garage rock and punky blues with hints of Latin-soul played in a dark, smoky lounge, or think the Stooges or the Stones injected with the warmth of Morphine and Tom Waits.

Steve Conte and The Crazy Truth on Myspace Download Steve Conte

Porch Ghouls - Bluff City Ruckus (2003)

front cover

Once again, Joop Konraad has fulfilled one of my requests, thanks mate! If you are a regular reader, than you're already familiar with Eldorado Del Rey. Eldorado was one of the founding members of Memphis-based 'Porch Ghouls' and current frontman of one of my favourit blues-garage outfits, 'Eldorado and the Ruckus'. Stripped down dirty blues with minimal drums, outstanding harmonica, excellent rhythm and slide guitar, those are the ingredients you can expect here. All credits to Joop from Musical Mojo.

Porch Ghouls on Myspace Download Bluff City Ruckus from Musical Mojo

Slideshaker - In the Raw (2005)

front cover
So, back home again, let's start my free week with Slideshaker, a three-piece from Finland who deserves much more attention. They play an electrifying and soulful mix of raw, fuzzy r'n'b, blues and garage, following the footsteps of bands like Sweatmaster, the Gories and Pussy Galore. Rock'n'roll couldn't be more soulful and more focused on its basics, than those 10 tracks on 'In the raw', released in 2005 on Bad Afro Records. Enjoy.

Slideshaker on Myspace Download In the Raw

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Left Lane Cruiser - Bring Yo Ass to the Table (2008)

'Bring Yo Ass to the Table' was LLC's debut on Alive Record label. LLC is another two-piece gritty, raw, dirty blues outfit. First you have Freddy J IV (Joe) on guitar and hoarse, screamed whiskey ripped vocals. 'Joe' is backed up by drummer Brenn (also harmonicas, mouth harps and backing vocals). You wanted another killer, gready, sweaty trashy rock'n'roll blues record?

Left Lane Cruiser on Myspace Download Bring Yo Ass...

So, this was my last offer for this week, hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for the kind words, have a nice weekend and 'see' you all next week. Grtz Pascalito

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

John Schooley and his One Man Band - John Schooley and his One Man Band (2005)

front cover

Here's another request fulfillment. First album from Austin's John Schooley (he was the driving force behind The Hard Feelings and Revelators). Now he comes around solo, playing all instruments the same time, kick snare, hi hat, juce harp , guitar and sings. You want more wild and gready garage rock'n'roll blues trash ?

John Schooley on Myspace Download John Schooley self-titled

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Demon's Claws - Satan's Little Pet Pig (2007)

front cover

Sparky alcohol-induced hillbilly garage rock from new Montreal-based band Demon's Claws. These noisy and overdriven sonic freak outs garage psych punker's bring with 'Satan's Little Pet Pig' a half-hour slice of beer-stained Canadian hill-billy garage rock. Enjoy!

Demon's Claws on Myspace Download Satan's Little Pet Pig

Six Sigma - The Spirit is Gone EP (1999)

back cover

Six Sigma, hailing from Long Branch (New Jersey), are a powerrock trio who bring us a mix of groovy blues-rock with high octane riffage, or imagine Black Sabbath fronted by Jimi Hendrix. 5 songs clocking over 33 minutes, you know what to expect here... a lot of fuzz, distortion and jamming, like their South Jersey natives Monster Magnet, Atomic Bitchwax and Core.

Six Sigma on Myspace Download The Spirit is Gone