Sunday, August 23, 2009

T 99 - Coo Coo (2001)

front cover

This one was also dropped in my shoutbox, thx! T-99, hailing from Amsterdam, are a roots/ blues trio. They bring an eclectic mix between R&B, rock'n'roll, blues (the Fat Possum sound with the attitude of the North Mississippi All Stars and classic post-war Chicago blues), added with a bit surf and country. 'Coo Coo' is their debut album, released on Cool Buzz Records, followed by 'Strange Things Happen' (2004), 'Cherrystone Park' (2005) and 'Vagabonds' in 2007.

T 99 on Myspace Download Coo Coo


Maggothead said...

Hi, just discovered your blog & wanted to say thanx for some great posts or to quote the Cramps: You got good taste!
keep on keepin´on

and by the way: I´ve seen you posted sth by Green Hornet - on the vinyl version of one of the LP´s was a cover of Der Mussolini by DAF _ if yougot, please post it - thanx!

pascalito said...

@Maggothead, thx buddy, 'just spread the word'.
Concerning that DAF cover version, I don't have it, but I'll try to grab that song, stay tuned.
Grtz Pascalito