Thursday, April 15, 2010

Boston Tea Party - Little Trouble Kids (2010)

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'Boston Tea Party' is a brand new Belgian noise/pop/rock duo, consisting Eline Adam (percussion, vocals) and Thomas Werbrouck (vocals, guitar). This Ghent-based duo brings a very lo-fi, nineties influenced indie-rock mixed with the garage and blues that we all know from bands such as the White Stripes, The Kills and consorts...
Produced by 'Millionaire' frontman Tim Vanhamel (first record he did as producer).

Boston Tea Party on Myspace Preview Little Trouble Kids Here
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Blind Shake - Carmel (2007)

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Dropped in my shoutbox by mitchctim, here's Minneapolis-based post-punk/garage/psyche trio 'The Blind Shake'. With a baritone guitar and guitar cranking out psychedelic riffs, The Blind Shake merges punk aggression and post-punk control with hard-edged psychedelic rock. 'Carmel' forces a lot of psychedelia onto its punk, or maybe it's the other way around. Thx bro'.

The Blind Shake on Myspace Preview Carmel Here

Monday, April 5, 2010

Hell's Kitchen - Mr.Fresh (2009)

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And here's the latest Hell's Kitchen, Mr.Fresh, but their style of blues doesn't sound quite fresh, it sounds bloody smoky, rough and edgy with lots of warmth and driving on tons of liquor …


Hell's Kitchen on Myspace Preview Mr.Fresh Here

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Clan Edison - Clan Edison (2010)

Astonishing release by French trio Clan Edison. Clan Edison are Sylvain Arnal on guitar and vocals, Harold Martinez on bass and vocals and Fabian Toulouse on drums. The Clan, from Nimes, formed in 2003, released their debut full-lenght in 2007, but they released a couple maxi's as well. They create a powerful and heavy, bluesy rock mixture where you can feel the influences of Fugazi and the Gun Club, but you'll hear the spirit of Nick Cave and Madrugada as well ... and some of the lyrics are in French. Superb album.

Clan Edison on Myspace

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Monday, March 22, 2010

The Ribeye Brothers - New Ways to Fail (2009)

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First of all, The Ribeye Brothers are vocalist Tim Cronin and guitarist John Kleiman (both of Monster Magnet fame!). You can discribe their sound like a bad trip between the 60's pop & psychedelica of The Monkees and 13th Floor Eleveators and some bad ass country cowpunk kind of thing. 'New Ways to Fail' is the Brothers' last album, which was (self) released in 2009, their previous albums are 'Bar Ballads and Cautionary Tales' (2005) and 'If I Had a Horse', released in 2002. Enjoy.

The Ribeye Brothers on Myspace Preview New Ways to Fail Here

Kill it Kid - Kill it Kid (2009)

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Here's the debut album by a brand new UK based quintet, Kill it Kid, released on One Little Indian. Their heady melange of delta-blues and rootsy folk will some of you really enjoy. The album opens with a real blues-rocker, 'Heaven Never Seemed So Close', where a fuzzy slide guitars battles with a glassy violin, on 'Troubles Of Loretta' you'll hear rockabilly, or the swinging bluegrass of 'My Lips Won't Be Kept Clean', anyway, this is a varied album, with influences going from rock to blues and folk.
Btw, my excuses for my long absence.

Kill it Kid on Myspace Preview Kill it Kid Here

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hell's Kitchen - Doctor's Oven (2006)

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Hell's Kitchen is a Geneva-based trio, they bring a hilarious style of blues, with a varied use of instruments, alternating from acoustic to electric guitar to banjo, slide to harp, spare drums to trash can percussion and a 'washtub' bass instead of a traditional bass.
It's not easy to try and make any comparisons, but Tom Waits jamming with The Experimental Tropic Blues Band is a nice start. Enjoy!

Hell's Kitchen on Myspace Preview Doctor's Oven Here

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hyacinth House - Hyacinth House (2005)

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And here's the debut from Hyacinth House, a Swedish band named after a Doors song.

Hyacinth House on Myspace Preview Hyacinth House Here

Monday, March 8, 2010

Hyacinth House - Black Crows' Country (2008)

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Started in 2003 Hyacinth House was Mack Johansson's solo project, but he was joined by fellow musicians ( up to 17!) when he released his self-titled debut in 2005, followed by 'Black Crows' Country' in 2007. Black Crows' Country is an intriguing and dark album with an angry combination of folk, rock and country. Whether it's an electric guitar, banjo, dobro, mandolin, harmonica or cello, this Swedish sextet use it with such a passion... Highly recommended!

Hyacinth House on Myspace Preview Black Crows' Country Here

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Creech Holler - With Signs Following (2006)

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Dropped in the comments on my previous post, here's the astonoshing debut full-lenght by Tennessee-based country/blues threesome Creech Holler, I'm pretty sure you'll dig this as well ...
Thanks to our good friend Peter.

Creech Holler on Myspace Preview With Signs Following Here

Friday, March 5, 2010

Creech Holler - The Shovel and The Gun (2008)

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Thanks to 'Croooww' for introducing me into this amazing band, I've been listening to this all days since I got this. Here's Tennessee-based Creech Holler, a trio playing such a thrillin' mixture of country, blues and garage... damn, it's been a while when I've heard such an intensive blues/rock album.
The dark storylines and thick, fuzzy, primitive rhythms of Creech Holler's music take you to a Mississippi delta juke joint or a mountainside in Appalachia (from their Myspace-page). Take a listen to 'Serpent King' or 'Willie Williams' for example, words are inadequate here, 'Maggie Rose', Raymond Lee' ... hey... all 11 tracks are killer...

Croooww, once again, thank you very much.

Creech Holler on Myspace Preview The Shovel and The Gun Here

Vishnu - Lord Save Me EP (2007)

Another rare EP by Norwagian band Vishnu. The release of their new (full) album is expected to be ready within some weeks... , meanwhile enjoy this 3 track EP.
Thanks my friend....

Vishnu on Myspace Preview Lord Save Me Here

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Vishnu - Lost Soul's Church (2006)

Live @ Tromso, by Pernille Sparboe
Here's quite an unknown treasure, the debut EP by Norwegian band Vishnu. For those who never had heard of Vishnu before, they bring a dark sound which reminds me to their compatriots of Madrugada, My Midnight Creeps and Ricochets, which isn't quite a surprise, 'cause the band had teamed up with some members of these bands. I didn't find more info about 'em, I don't even know if they have released a full-lenght so far, but I've read that they'll release an album in March 2010. Meanwhile, enjoy this 5 track EP.
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Vishnu on Myspace Preview Lost Soul's Church Here

Monday, February 22, 2010

Gravel Road - Gravel Road (2004)

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This is the astonoshing debut full-lenght by Seattle-based Gravel Road (now Gravelroad). If you like your delta blues rough and edgy, than you should check these guys. Hip shakin', ass movin, deep, heavy and groovy, this is a killer album, I love it.

Gravelroad on Myspace Preview Gravel Road Here

Friday, February 19, 2010

St. Satan - Horns for Adornment (2010)

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Dropped in my mailbox, here's a new band from Norway. They wrote: St Satan is a hard rock band based in Bergen, Norway. The members are a tasty blend of veterans of the hard rock/metal scene (Borknagard, The Batallion, The Swamp Babies, Lost at Last) and prominent members of the jazz/noise/experimental scene (Krøyt, Skomsork, Trio Gud, Jazkamer, Public Enema), belting out groovy hard rock tunes in the vein of Clutch, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Jesus Lizard, Kyuss and Ted Nugent. The album "Horns for adornment" features ten hardhitting, dynamic tracks, presented by the band as a unit, recorded with all five members playing at the same time in the same studio. Just like the old jazz classics.The album was recorded, mixed and mastered in less than 10 hours (!) on the 6th of February 2010 at Duper Studios by Jørgen Træen and Iver Sandøy.

The band:
Trond "Abs" Absalonsen: Vocals (The Swamp Babies/Slut Macine)
Thomas "Thomaster" Dahl: Guitar (Krøyt, Skomsork, Marion Raven)
Kai K Lie: Bass (The Batallion, Ex-Borknagard)
Tarjei A Heggernes: Guitar (Lost at Last)
Nils A Drønen: Drums (Jazkamer, Der Brief, Trio Gud)

You can listen/download their album on their Myspace-page, or buy a copy or get a downloadcode for cd quality here.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Joe Buck Yourself - Gory Gory Hallelujah EP (2008)

Preview Gory Gory Hallelujah Here
And here's another release by Joe Buck Yourself, 5 track EP 'Gory Gory Hallelujah'. Enjoy this.

Joe Buck Yourself - Joe Buck Yourself (2007)

Here's a reissue of Joe Buck's debut album, originally released in 2004, but re-released in 2007, although it consists some different tracks on both albums. I would like to thank the 'Croooww' and 'Good Music Stuff' for this 2007 release. Here's his biography and a brief description I made for Joe's first release.

The once anti-Nashville Joe Buck gained notoriety as the guitarist of Th' Legenday Shack Shakers. As Hank III's villianous sideman, the snarling upright bass player became infamously recognizable. Joe Buck Yourself is now a bonefide evil motherfucking, one man band. This unique blend of hellbilly punkrock ain't your grandma's hillbilly music. Joe Buck Yourself, mother fuckers! (taken from his website).
This is a pure 'motherfucking' Western hellbilly garage punkrock album, or imagine the mighty Cramps fronted by Hank Williams, it blow your head off immediately. Requested.

Joe Buck on Myspace Preview Joe Buck Yourself Here

Note: I'm offline 'till Feb.19th. Enjoy your weekend.

River City Tanlines - All 7 Inches Plus 2 More (2004)

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For this I would like to thank Benji, this is a damn fine album which I received last weekend, thx. River City Tanlines is one of the many outlets of Alicja Trout's talents. Alicja plays with bands such as the Lost Sounds and Mouserocket, she also runs a label (Contaminated Records) and a recording studio as well!!! This is their debut CD, it's a compilation of their 3 previously released and impossible to find 7"s ( an edition of 300 on Italy's Goodbye Boozy Records, an edition of 700 on Nashville's Misprint Records, and an edition of 500 on Alicja's own Contaminated Records) plus 3 brand new tracks, released to coincide with RCTL's first ever European tour!. Here's a brief bio of RCTL I've found:

Taking their cues from 1970s punk, Runaways-influenced hard rock, and North Mississippi blues, the River City Tanlines formed from the ashes of several local bands in Memphis, TN. Singer/guitarist Alicja Trout -- an established songwriter with ties to such Memphis-based groups as the Lost Sounds, Destruction Unit, Black Sunday, and Mouserocket -- founded the trio in the early 2000s with help from bassist Terrence Bishop and drummer John Bonds, both of whom had previously played alongside Delta blues artists. The band's synthesis of punky blues and garage rock found a devoted audience in Memphis, and the River City Tanlines captured their craft on albums like I'm Your Negative.

River City Tanlines on Myspace Preview All 7 Inches Plus 2 More Here

Once again, thank you very much Benji.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Black Diamonds - The Black Diamonds (2006)

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If you dig The Suede Brothers, than you should check this as well. The Black Diamonds were formed in Cleveland, Ohio, somewhere mid 2004, consisting two members of The Suede Brothers (Kevin Naughton on bass and Dylan Francis on guitar and vocals). Their self titled release is a giant slab of churning guitar chords that chug along like a freight train melting the tracks in its path. Think Black Sabbath meets Led Zeppelin by way of the White Stripes and the end result is a 70's blues based rock and roll sound. These youngsters have swiped the best elements from all that rotten '70's rock (hard rock, garage,...), personalized it and made it their own. Fuzzy guitar riffs and vocal hooks spread like a virus throughout the whole album. They sadly broke up, recorded just one album, but like I wrote, two members rejoined and started a new band...The Suede Brothers (their albums are posted on this blog also).

The Black Diamonds on Myspace Preview The Black Diamonds Here