Thursday, September 24, 2009

44 Rave - (2002)

44 Rave

Ron has dropped this in my shoutbox, thx!! This is an amazing psychedelic dirtyblues trip from 44 Rave, a Dutch/Belgian collaboration, with Sjang Koene on bass and 'Bigdave' (blues harpist), one of the founding members of the Electric Kings. Playing since '97, but so far I know, there's no release available from this brilliant band. You definately check this old 'n dirty swampblues bastard, opener 'Tigerpants' (listen) is an outstanding track, think Suicide fronted by R.L Burnside, it blew my head away immediately, 'You Gotta Move' is one hell of an uptempo blueskickin' song with a harmonica in the lead. This file contains their 2002 demo and seven live tracks. Once again, thanks for sharing this Ron!!


Download 44Rave

PS: my last offer this week, enjoy the music and keep on rockin'. Grtz Pascalito.

Vibravoid - Distortions (2009)

front cover
New album from German psychedelic/krautrockers Vibravoid. Expect some outstanding psychedelic sound effects mixed up with a heavy distorted shoegaze sound, aggressive fuzzy guitars and space echoes. They formed in 2000, with a central core consisting of Christian Koch (vocals, guitar), Robert Braune (drums) and M. Lammert (bass). 'Distortions' is their 4th full-lenght, released in August. Similar artists are: Dragontears, early Pink Floyd, Electric Orange....

Vibravoid on Myspace Download Distortions

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

You're Smiling Now But We'll All Turn Into Demons - Contact High Wit Da Demons(2009)

front cover
'You're Smiling Now But We'll All Turn Into Demons', let's shorten this to Demons, that's a lot easier, are a Porthsouth (UK) quartet bringing us some real kicking riff 'n' roll psych rock jams, and stand out track, 'Prismatec Reflections' is an almost 19 min. long psychedelic feedback-drone supertrip. Here's a short review I found on the net: They’re dealing in a fuzzy heady mix of Sabbath psychedelia for Sonic Youth heads, an alt-rock song-based psych-drone and this is probably their best release to-date. A positive forward-moving edgy drone, fuzz-punks and Melvins and Dead Meadow rolling along in a demonically smiling colourful kind of way. 'Contact High...' was released 21st of Sept. on Function Records. SUPER.

You're smiling now ... on Myspace Download Contact High

Monday, September 21, 2009

Vue - Find your Home (2001)

front cover As a reader wrote, San Francisco's Vue was such an underrated band, I decided to post their second full-lenght, which was released in 2001. Expect more classic rock/r&b swagger with a art-punk sensibility. A huge thanks goes to Peter from Greece.

Vue on Myspace Download Find Your Home

Creature With The Atom Brain - Kill The Snake (2005)


'Creature With The Atom Brain', consisting Aldo Struyf and Dave Schroyen (Millionaire, ex-Vandal X, Mark Lanegan Band), Jan Wygers (Mauro and the Grooms) and Michiel Van Cleuvenbergen, was named after a SF horrormovie from the fifties. Those four 'creatures' mix drone-& stonerrock with chaotic synths, distorted vocals and blues (especially on second half of this album). 'Kill The Snake' was their second EP, shortly released after the 'Snake' EP. CWTAB also released two full albums, 'I am the Golden Gate Bridge' in 2007 and Transylvania in 2009. A huge thanks goes to Joop from Musical Mojo.

CWTAB on Myspace Download Kill The Snake

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fifty Foot Combo - Evil à Go Go (2000) and Jennifer Jennings single (2003)

Evil à Go Go (2000)

download Evil à Go Go here

Jennifer Jennings single (2003)

download Jennifer Jennings here
Yes, it seems the mighty Fifty Foot Combo are rised again!!! They'll appear at the Speedfest festival in Eindhoven (28th November), sharing the stage with bands such as Triggerfinger, Peter Pan Speedrock, Karma to Burn and much more. Click here for more info.

The Delta 72 - OOO (2000)

front cover

The Delta 72 were a Philadephia-based band founded in 1994, Take the best parts of soul, punk, r&b and rock , and what you'll get is a cohesive rock and roll machine. And this machine kicks, just imagine the Rolling Stones fronted by James Brown. This was their third and last full-album.

Delta 72 on Myspace Download OOO

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fifty Foot Combo - 3 Albums

Strike! The Early Years 1994-2000

download Strike here

Go Hunting (2001)
Download Go Hunting here

Caffeïne (2003)
Download Caffeïne here

After posting 'GHT-BXL' and 'Live at Ernesto's' I serve 3 more albums of one of the best live bands Belgium ever had, Fity Foot Combo. After recorded several LP's and EP's they split up at the end of 2006. They brought us a sublime mix of Garage , Surfpunk, Soul, Rock'n'Roll and Tribal. Requested.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Pirate Love - Black Vodoun Space Blues (2008)

front cover

'Black Vodoun Space Blues', named after a Johnny Thunders song, is Pirate Love's first full-lenght, which was released on the famous Voodoo Rhythm record label. Mixing 60's garage with 70's nihilistic punk, this Oslo-sextet brings with 'Black Voodoo...' a furious, psychedelic and very solid garage (surf)rock album, which stands comfortably alongside the ranks of Black Lips, Demon’s Claws & 80's Matchbox B-Line Disaster.

Pirate Love on Myspace Download Black Vodoun Space Blues

Zoe - Make it Burning (2006)

front cover

In expectation of their new album, which is scheduled for October 2009, I present you Zoe's debut album 'Make it Burning'. Zoe, hailing from Calais (France) is a high energy stoner rock'n'roll band. If you dig the massive Fu Manchu or Dozer (or other Scandinavian bands), you should definitaly check this French quartet, they really kick your ass and I know you'll love it. I just can't wait to hear their new album. Meanwhile, enjoy this little gem.

Zoe on Myspace Download Make it Burning

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Vue - The Death of a Girl (1999)

front cover

First release from this Bay-Area fivesome, previously known as Audience. Mixing in thick low ends and delta-blues rhythms with jarbled guitars and near-ranting vocals, Vue’s work puts a ‘90s spin on the dark, brooding and almost out of control sounds of bands like the Birthday Party and early ‘80s Cure. With its noisy, rough edges hiding a strong sense of songwriting, the band’s enthusiasm is more than infectious: it’s almost impossible not to want to dust off the instruments and start a band after giving The Death of a Girl a spin. (source: Aversion). So, that's my last offer for this week, have a nice weekend and see you all next week.

Vue on Myspace Download Death of a girl

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Vue - Down for Whatever (2003)

Personally, one of my favourit bands from San Francisco Bay Area since Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. On 'Down For Whatever' you'll get the best of the old fashioned rock style, mixing good-time garage bash-punk and Bay-area psychedelica. For references, see The Stooges, Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Warlocks. 'Down For Whatever' was their first full-lenght on RCA records, after releasing some EP's on pioneer indie label Sub Pop (Nirvana, Jesus and Mary Chain, Sebadoh). A complete departure from Vue followed in 2004, but three of the five final members of Vue started Bellavista (which is posted on this blog also)

Vue on Myspace Download Down for whatever

Monday, September 7, 2009

King Automatic - Live @ The Troubadour (05 Sept 2008)

Here's a live recording from our man from Nancy, France. King Automatic is an “One Man Big Band” who released 2 full-lenghts and several 7". His new full-lenght, 'In The Blue Corner', is coming soon. Meanwhile, enjoy this live recording.

King Automatic on Myspace Download Live @ The Troubadour

Roy and The Devil's Motorcycle - Because Of Women (2006)

front cover
Here's a request from my shoutbox, as promised. Roy & The Devil's Motorcycle are: three brothers (guitars) and Olifer on drums, were founded in 1991 somewhere in the Swiss mountains (home country of the very cool Voodoo Rhythm record label as well). They started as a ‘back from the grave’ garage punk band but they still keep the psychedelica and blues in their mind. Expect a trippy but very mindblowing trash garage psychedelica thing, think Velvet Underground jamming with the Stooges. This album contains some cover versions (Chuck Berry's Johnny B Good).

Roy and The Devil's Motorcycle on Myspace Download Because Of Women

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Guilty Hearts - Pearls Before Swine (2009)

front cover
Hmm.. here's another Voodoo Rhythm release, although this album is already sold out? 'Pearls Before Swine' is the second release from this Californian-based garage punk blues band. Here are 39 minutes of kickin' raw bad ass tunes of pure trash rawk excellence, or the Birthday Cramps, to make it easy for you. Also featuring bassist Gabriel Hammond (ex-The Lords of Altamont & The Fuzztones).

Guilty Hearts on Myspace Download Pearls before ...

Movie Star Junkies - Melville (2008)

front cover

This Turin-based five-piece (Italy), signed on Voodoo Rhythm record label, were founded in 2005. They serve a thrashy garage/rock'n'roll bastard including desperate vocals, moaning organ & distorted guitars . You'll definitaly feel the atmosphere of the Gun Club and the Birthday Party as well. The album was named after Herman Melville, writer of the well known novel "Moby-Dick".

Movie Star Junkies on Myspace Download Melville

All credits goes to Pascal Thunder from 'Le Garage Abandonné' (great blog). Merci beaucoup Pascal!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Grafton - Blind Horse Campaign (2003)

front cover
Grafton is a heavy rawk trio from Columbus (OH). This redneck-infused indie garagerock on Grafton's second album is surely influenced by Laughing Hyenas and Mule, but you also might hear some echoes of AC/DC and Motorhead. Other releases are: their self-titled debut, released in 2001, after 'BHC' they've released a 7 and 12", 'Jumpstart Wire' was their last effort, which came out in 2007.

Grafton on Myspace Download Blind Horse Campaign

Friday, September 4, 2009

Dewolff - Dewolff EP (2008)

DeWolff are a three-piece from Geleen (the Netherlands), started in 2007. Expect here an explosive, Led Zeppelin-inspired monster of psychedelic sixtiesbluesrock, with a screaming hammond organ in the lead. If you're into the new wave of bluesrock bands such as Wolfmother and The Parlor Mob, than you should definitely check these Dutchmen.

Dewolff on Myspace Download Dewolff EP