Friday, September 4, 2009

Gifts from my Mailbox

Elektrohahn und die Legebatterie - LAIKA EP (2008)

front cover

So, back home again. First of all, I would like to thank all the bands who have sended me their album(s). I really appreciate your generosity and trust in my blog, thanks. This EP was dropped in my mailbox last week, asking if I was interested in posting and/or reviewing their new release. Elektrohahn, hailing from Süderholm (Germany), bring us with this 5 song counting EP a warm and catchy stoner album with some nice guitar riffs which sounds very QOTSA-ish! Check this out.

Elektrohahn on Myspace Download LAIKA

Darla Farmer - Live @ Mercy Lounge

This Nashville-based seven-piece brings an explosive and eclectic mix between jazz, ska, swing, gypsy rock, americana, hardcore, punk and rockabilly. This release is the recording of the 'Magic Hat Brewing Company' show. This is a 13 track trip through Darla Farmer's madness , hitting you with big band horn melodies, melancholy violin bridges, fuzz driven guitar breakdowns and throaty screams.

Darla Farmer on Myspace Download Live @ Mercy Lounge here

Rachael - I Bet You Like Drugs instead of Sex EP

...and this was dropped in my mailbox a while ago. Rachael, hailing from Warsaw (Poland), is a new indie rock band influenced by bands such as BRMC (Going Up in Smoke) and PJ Harvey. This 5 song EP is a promising debut, mixing some postpunk, psychedelica and shoegaze.

Rachael on Myspace Download I Bet You ...

All links were provided by the artists.
Please support the artists, go to their shows, buy some stuff, they really need our help, thx.

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