Saturday, October 31, 2009

Penthouse - My Idle Hands (1999)

front cover
Penthouse, or 50 Tons of Black Terror for our U.S. readers, were a London-based four-some, heavely influenced by The Birthday Party, Jesus Lizard and Gallon Drunk. 'My idle Hands' was the second album from this exuberantly disagreeable, psycho, fucked-up blues band. Be prepared for a terrorising psycho-punk-blues attack, like the Jesus Lizard did before them, Penthouse take the traditional parts of blues and twists to a barely recognisable sonic assault. "Rock 'n' roll doesn't get more insane than this".

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Friday, October 30, 2009

River City Tanlines - I'm Your Negative (2006)

front cover

River City Tanlines is Alicja Trout's new brainchild. Alicja plays with bands such as the Lost Sounds and Mouserocket, she also runs a label (Contaminated Records) and a recording studio as well!!! What's all the more remarkable is that each band actually manages to have its own personality, and on River City Tanlines' first full-lenght, they conjure up a distinct blend of garage rock, hard rock and pop-punk. Here's a biography I found on the net:

Taking their cues from 1970s punk, Runaways-influenced hard rock, and North Mississippi blues, the River City Tanlines formed from the ashes of several local bands in Memphis, TN. Singer/guitarist Alicja Trout -- an established songwriter with ties to such Memphis-based groups as the Lost Sounds, Destruction Unit, Black Sunday, and Mouserocket -- founded the trio in the early 2000s with help from bassist Terrence Bishop and drummer John Bonds, both of whom had previously played alongside Delta blues artists. The band's synthesis of punky blues and garage rock found a devoted audience in Memphis, and the River City Tanlines captured their craft on albums like I'm Your Negative.

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Cut in The Hill Gang - Cut Down (2009)

front cover

Yep, back home again. First of all, thanks for your comments on my posts and in my shoutbox. So, back to music now, let's continue with some 'good ol' rock'n'blues' , here's 'Cut Down', the first (digital) album from Cut in The Hill Gang. CITHG is a new rock/blues/soul trio hailing from Covington and formed by Johnny Walker (guitarist and mastermind of the Soledad Brothers). Cut Down features five songs of the 'Hung Up' LP (which I posted a few weeks back), the b-side of a 7" ('Sugar Never Tasted So Good', a tremendous White Stripes cover) and 6 brand new songs. Enjoy.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bluebird - Hot Blood (2002)

front cover

Here's a band which deserves much more attention, 'cause, in my opinion, Hot Blood is a very underrated album. This L.A-based power-psych-punk five-some brings some nice melodic guitar textures and tasteful jams which are drenched in 60's psychedelia, 70's warped skronk and MC5's throttled power-riff breakdowns ( speaking of MC5, Wayne Kramer makes a guest appearance on 'Beautiful Believer'). Similar artists are: Swervedriver, Meat Puppets, Wool... They've shared the stage with many artists, such as Jesus Lizard, Fugazi, QOTSA, Fu Manchu, Warlocks, Dead Meadow and much much more. This is my only Bluebird-CD i own, is there someone who has more Bluebird-albums? I would be very grateful if you would share those, thx in advance.

Bluebird on Myspace Download  Hot Blood Here

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Suede Brothers - The Suede Brothers (2007)

front cover

Influenced by bands as Led Zep and a sound similar to Wolfmother (maybe those who are disappointed with 'Cosmic Egg', try this), here's The Suede Brothers, a trio founded in Cleveland, Ohio. Because I'm a bit lazy tonight, here's a review I found on the net.

"In Cleveland we have a form of music that we affectionately called Rust-Belt rock and roll. It's less of a genre and more of an attitude. It's rock and roll music that's low on fashion and filler and big on volume. Here in Cleveland, we also have this band that perfectly embodies the sentiments of Rust-Belt rock, The Suede Brothers. Originally a duo that blasted blues based jams out of a barn in Perry, Ohio. Listening to The Suede Brothers, you'll hear elements of old time blues music as well as large riffs and bombastic drums that date back to the hard charging Seventies. Though their influences reach back to a bygone era, they're not throwbacks to better days. The fire and the passion of their Rust Belt Rock and Roll takes their sound right into modern times" (source: CDbaby)

The Suede Brothers on Myspace Download The Suede Brothers Here

Green Hornet - Heavyweights 10" (2001)

front cover
After releasing their debut album 'Going Down' (which you find in my archives also), recorded Green Hornet three 45rpm vinyl albums, which 'Heavyweights' was the last one. Expect on this very rare album a sultry mix of stirred up sixtiespunk and glorious (surf)instrumentals. With an unusual lin-up (organ, mouthharp, guitar & drums) they bring a lot of different styles (blues, soul, punk, surf...). 'Heavyweights' shows more convincing than ever the different sides of Green Hornet: Exciting 'Rockers' and trashy instrumentals take turns with soulful ballads. .

All credits goes to Ron, thx amigo.

Green Hornet on Myspace Download Heavyweights 10 inch Here

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Heavy Trash - Midnight Soul Serenade (2009)

front cover
Here's the third release from Jon Spencer's and Matt Verta-Ray's Heavy Trash. It's entitled 'Midnight Soul Serenade' and it's a blast of a record. It was recorded at Matt's New York Hed Studios and Toe Rag in London. This is dark and devilish rockabilly flirting with punk and blues, 'Midnight Soul Serenade' is a slightly darker and brilliantly matured dose of Heavy Trash. On almost every track you'll hear Verta-Ray deep and spulsating guitars while Spencer is crooning.

Heavy Trash on Myspace Download Midnight Soul Serenade Here

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Delta 72 - The R&B of Membership (1996)

front cover

'The R&B of Membership' was The Delta 72's debut full-lenght, released on Touch&Go Records. It's an exciting and fiery mix of 60's organ rock and gritty southern soul, some distorted guitars and postpunk hooks, greasy farfisa organ riffs, harmonica blares and screaming blues slides. After releasing 3 full-lenghts and several EP's and 7" albums, they disbanded mid 2001.

Delta 72 on Myspace Download R&B of Membership

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Company Band - Sign Here, Here and Here (2008)

front cover vinyl version
First release from 'The Company Band', a 'supergroup' featuring members of Fu Manchu (Brad Davis), Clutch (Neil Fallon), Fireball Minestry (James Rota) and cKy (Jess Margera). The Company Band was formed in 2006, when some members had free time. 'Sign Here...' is their debut EP (bass tracks provided Puny Human bassist Jason Diamond) and was completed at Grandmaster Recorders in Hollywood with producer Andrew Alekel (Fu Manchu, Fireball Ministry). It's released as 10"vinyl and CDEP, a new single is available and their debut full-lenght will hit the streets on 10 Nov.


1.Company Man
2.Fortune's a Mistress
3.Heartache & Misery

The Company Band on Myspace Download Sign Here, Here and Here
Have a nice weekend!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cut in The Hill Gang - Hung Up (2009)

front cover
'Cut In The Hill Gang' is Johnny Walker' s (former member and mastermind of the tremendous good Soledad Brothers) new project. 'Hung Up' is Johnny's and comrades first effort, released on vinyl only. They also have released a digital album, 'Cut Down', which features five songs of the 'Hung Up' LP, a b-side track and 6 brand new songs. 'Cut In The Hill Gang' are continuing on the dirty, blues-rock trail of The Soledad Brothers.

Cut in The Hill Gang on Myspace Download Hung Up

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Black Jetts - Sever The Serpents Head Before It Strikes (2009)

front cover

The Black Jetts, four guys from Las Vegas, deliver with their third release a pure adrenalin, ass-kicking rock 'n' roll album. This is what rock'n'roll meant to be: slobberin' guitars, spine-tingling organ fills, danceable drum beats, ass shaking bass and a passionate, booze and cigarette soaked vocalist, there's even a freaky theremin ('Brothers & Sisters'). This rock'n'soul combo gets both fists and hips a shakin'. Enjoy.

The Black Jetts on Myspace Download Sever The Serpents Head Before It Strikes

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dyse - Lieder Sind Bruder Der Revolution (2009)

front cover

Dyse, a German two-headed noise monster is back with their second full-release 'Lieder Sind Bruder Der Revolution'. You're ready for an expirimental dynamic distorted noise-stoner jam session or you like the Melvins-freakness? Well, then you should try this out. They'll start an European tour on 23rd Oct, check their Myspace for further info. Requested.

Dyse on Myspace Download Lieder Sind Bruder Der Revolution

Slackeye Slim - Texas Whore Pleaser (2007)

front cover
Here's another contribution from Mitchctim, Slackeye Slim (aka Joe Frankland), the man who was born with an evil eye, brings with his completely self-produced and self-released debut a kind of spooky western/country style with elements going from blues to americana. 'La Pistola Piadosa', the second album from our gothic cowboy and 'Texas whore pleaser' is scheduled early 2010.
Note: Link is provided by Mitchctim

Slackeye Slim on Myspace Download TWP, link mitchctim

Monday, October 12, 2009

Dax Riggs - We Sing of Only Blood or Love (2007)

front cover
This is Dax Riggs' last effort to date, the former member of metal cult-band Acid Bath released with 'We sing of only Blood or Love' his fourth, official album, following 2000's much underrated 'Agents of Oblivion' (see my previous post) and 2 albums under the 'Deadboy and the Elephantmen' moniker.

Dax Riggs on Myspace Download We Sing of Only Blood or Love

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Motorama - Psychotronic is The Beat (2008)

front cover
Motorama is an Italian female duo formed back in 2000 and consisting of Daniela (guitar, main vocals, keys) and Laura (drums). Their second release, 'Psychotronic is the Beat' ( released on Dead Beat Records) is a rough, loud, relentless, exciting, brashy and bratty punk'n'roll garage platter, it's an excellent sorta trashy rock'n'roll as Oblivians, Gories and The King Khan & The BBQ Show to name a few.

Motorama on Myspace Download Psychotronic is The Beat

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Agents of Oblivion - Agents of Oblivion (2000)

'Agents of Oblivion' was formed from the ashes of Acid Bath (Dax Riggs and Mike Sanchez). However, this record is very much different than the brutal and dark Acid Bath-sound, this is much more psychedelic- and bluesrock orientated, it's a sublime album where you'll find moody acoustic guitars to accompany the grungy, fuzzy distorted rock. Soon after the release of their self-titled debut they sadly broke up. Dax Riggs went solo, he released two albums under Dax Riggs, he also started another band, 'Deadboy and the Elephantmen'.

Agents of Oblivion on Myspace Download Agents of Oblivion

Wau Y Los Arrrghs - Canten En Espanol (2006)

front cover
Hailing from Valencia (Spain), comes an amazing 60's garage rock'n'roll band. They play a totaly out of control, autentic, overdrived fuzzed out garage trash'n'roll. I'm pretty sure you'll love those Valencian vagabond lunatics, even if you don't understand the Spanish lyrics. 'Canten en Espanol' ( means 'Sing in Spanish') was released on the famous Swiss 'Voodoo Rhythm' Label.

Wau Y Los Arrrghs on Myspace Download Canten En Espanol