Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Suede Brothers - The Suede Brothers (2007)

front cover

Influenced by bands as Led Zep and a sound similar to Wolfmother (maybe those who are disappointed with 'Cosmic Egg', try this), here's The Suede Brothers, a trio founded in Cleveland, Ohio. Because I'm a bit lazy tonight, here's a review I found on the net.

"In Cleveland we have a form of music that we affectionately called Rust-Belt rock and roll. It's less of a genre and more of an attitude. It's rock and roll music that's low on fashion and filler and big on volume. Here in Cleveland, we also have this band that perfectly embodies the sentiments of Rust-Belt rock, The Suede Brothers. Originally a duo that blasted blues based jams out of a barn in Perry, Ohio. Listening to The Suede Brothers, you'll hear elements of old time blues music as well as large riffs and bombastic drums that date back to the hard charging Seventies. Though their influences reach back to a bygone era, they're not throwbacks to better days. The fire and the passion of their Rust Belt Rock and Roll takes their sound right into modern times" (source: CDbaby)

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