Friday, October 9, 2009

Zen Guerrilla - More Goodies

Half Step b/w The Seeker

download Half Step/The Seeker here Zen Guerilla recorded The Who's 'The Seeker' on a 7" split single, one of their favourits at their live shows.

Plasmic Tears and the Invisible City (EP)

Download Plasmic Tears... here
This is a single track 24 minute mostly-instrumental jam session, produced by Jack Endino.

Gap Tooth Clown EP

download Invisible Liftee Pad here

'Gap-Tooth Clown' ep kicks into gear with 'Auto Pilot,' an instrumental with a smidgen of psychedelia. 'Crow' sounds like early Soundgarden.... This EP was reissued with their Invisible 'Liftee' Pad EP on one CD package.

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chris winter said...

Zen Guerrilla rules! Nice blog!Chris