Thursday, January 28, 2010

Assjack - Assjack (2009)

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'Assjack' is the extension of Hank III Williams' more 'riotous candor'. Hank III's project has nothing to do with the we would expect, no, this is 100% pure metal. If you're wondering how a 'country-kid' would sound when he goes metal, try this furious lil' gem, this is quite heavy shit for a countryman.... Maybe some namedropping to give you an idea... Bile, (late) Ministry and the Al Jourgensen/Jello Biafra collaboration Lard, Nailbomb, Pantera...

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Scott H. Biram - This is Kingsbury? (2000)

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And here's another, rather rare album by Scott H. Biram, 'This is Kingsbury?' If you like Scott's albums, you can purchase 6 albums in one package for a good price, check his website for further info.

Scott H. Biram - Lo-Fi Mojo (2003)

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Wow, quite a surprise, it seems Scott H. Biram is planning an European tour this year, and what's suprised me even more, he's coming to my hometown (Ostend @ The Terminus), so that gives me a good reason to post his live album, entitled 'Lo-Fi Mojo' (recorded Feb 2nd@KVRX). Here's a review which I've made last year...

Biram is a one-man band, playing all his songs on a '59 Gibson hollow body. Biram's number one love is the blues. Next in line come punk, metal, country, bluegrass.... Biram offers up a unique blend of "real" country, old-school acoustic blues, and punk. With influences ranging from hardcore and metal to blues and country, Biram takes on some of America's finest music and turns it into a phenomenal mish-mash that's as dirty and raw as it is impressive.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Black Magic Six - Evil Acupunction (2008)

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Here's one of my favourite duo's around, a primitive Finish voodoo billy swamp blues rockin' duo sounding like they are possessed by the devil himself, Black Magic ...666, hell yeah...

Dynamic duo from Hellsinki city. Founded 2006. Someone said Black Magic Six sounds like a mixture of Howling Wolf and Venom, another claims that there's some influences for The Stooges, Dead Kennedys, Sweetheart or AC/DC. They are all wrong. Black Magic Six sounds like a satan's masterplan, the organs of Stalin and a howl of a Kallio-werewolf - all mixed together. No Mercy. (from their Myspace).

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Ill Ease - All Systems A-Go-Go (2007)

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Lets start on this monday morning with an 'one-woman band', and to be honest, I can't remember there are a lot 'one-woman' bands (KT Tunstall, although this has nothin' in common with KT's accoustic pop/folk approach). 'Ill Ease' is Elizabeth Sharp's brainchild, and it's an addictive, rhythm-heavy album infused with fuzzy lo-fi guitars and slippery vocals. 'All Systems A-Go-Go' is Sharp's second (regular) full-lenght, other releases are: The Exorcist (2004) and Turn It Loose (2008), Greatest Tits 12" (2003), Jersey-o-matic 7" (2003) and 'Live at the Holiday Sin' (2002). Major influences are: The Kills, PJ Harvey and Sonic Youth.

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Screws - 12 New Hate-Filled Classics (1999)

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The Screws is Mick Collins' (Gories and Dirtbombs) probably most punkiest project he ever had. The band formed somewhere mid '97 and released two albums; '12 New Hate-Filled Classics' and 'Shake Your Monkey', which came out in 2001. When the 'Red Aunts' decided to produce their album in Detroit by Mick Collins, Terri Wahl (vocalist/guitarist from the Red Aunts) and Mick planned the idea to record an album. Collins and Wahl called upon Dan Brown and Marty Moore ('68 Comeback and Royal Trux) to form The Screws. They have remained primarily a side project, although they have toured to places as far away as Japan. On this album you'll hear some cover versions of Zappa, Mad and Redd Kross. Click here for a brief biography of Mick Collins.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Eddy Current Suppression Ring - Primary Colours (2008)

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Finally, back in the 'blogosphere' again and I start my free week with another unknown and promising band from Australia. 'Primary Colours' is the second full-lenght by this Melbourne-based quartet, named shortly as 'ECSR'. They started in late 2003 and consist of Eddy Current (guitar), bassist Rob Solid, drummer Danny Current and Brendan Suppression on vocals. Dominated by tough, hooky tunes, no-frills musicianship, and Brendan's broad Australian accent, the album earned enthusiastic reviews from critics with an ear for garage and postpunk sounds. This album became an unexpected crossover success, rising to number six on the Australian charts and earning ECSR a nomination for Best Rock Album of 2008 at the Australian Music Industry Awards.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Fumes - The Fumes EP (2004) and Sundancer (2009)

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For this one I'd like to thank our good friend from the abanded garage. These two Aussies deliver a multi faceted stylistic raw blues tunes mashed up with healthy rock riffs. The Fumes have released a 7 track self-titled EP (which was only available at their gigs), their highly acclaimed debut album 'Guns of Gold', which you can find on Pascal his blog, Le garage Abandonné, and their sensational followup 'Sundancer'.
Un grand merci à Pascal Thunder.

The Fumeson Myspace
This was my last post for this week, enjoy your weekend. Grtz

The Suicidal Birds - Versus Life (2007) and Spend Your Life in Serious Misery (2009)

Preview Spend Your life in Misery Here

Two angry young women, that's what The Suicidal Birds are all about. This female duo from Friesland (the Netherlands) consists Jessie on guitar and vocals and Chay on bass. These young 'DIY'-girls deliver a mish-mash of very intense lofi trash punk and swampblues, just armed with a distorded guitar, bass and a drum machine, it sounds a bit like PJ Harvey on speed. They've released three albums so far: 'Z-List' (2005), 'Versus Life' (2007) and 'Spend Your Life In Serious Misery' (2009).

Suicidal Birds on Myspace

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hillstomp - One Word (2004) and The Woman That Ended The World (2005)

Preview One Word Here

Preview The Woman That Ended The World Here

I'd like to thank mitchtim for this, 'cause I'd never heard of this Oregon-based two man band before, and damn, what an awesome mix of country and blues they bring! Here's a brief bio I've found on the internet: Portland Oregon junkbox blues duo Hillstomp is infamous for digging through the dumps and forgotten backwoods of American music, recycling traditional elements into a refreshing and distinctive brand of do-it-yourself hill country blues stomp. North Mississippi trance blues, a bit of Appalachia, and a dash of punkabilly come clanging and tumbling from assorted buckets, cans and BBQ lids, all drenched in rambunctious slide guitar. For all those who loves the 'diy'-blues style, bluegrass or vintage stuff in general. Once again, thanks you very much, mitchctim.

Hillstomp on Myspace

The Chrome Cranks - Love in Exile (1996) and Live in Exile (1997)

Preview Love in Exile Here
Last studio-album by The Chrome Cranks. The Chrome Cranks were formed in Cincinnati in the late 80's. They bring a raw mixture of punk, blues and noise, think John Spencer on speed. The Chrome Cranks are reunited and performed four well received Chrome Cranks reunion shows in New York and Lyon (France) in May 2009. Currently the band is working on new material and considering offers for overseas shows in 2010.


Preview Live in Exile Here
... and speaking of European shows, here's the official live album by The Chrome Cranks, recorded at the VERA Club, Groningen ( 12/12/96) and at Azijnfabriek, Roermond (12/20/96), both in the Netherlands.

The Chrome Cranks on Myspace

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Black Mustang - Between The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (2009)

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I proudly present you Black Mustang, one of Brisbane’s (Australia) most exhilarating new bands, with its rawest and purest, most catchy rock 'n' roll. Black Mustang have developed an explosive live set with teenage kicks and manic pop thrills. What an exciting new R'n'R-scene there is in Australia (see Legends of Motorsport, Fumes, Blackwater Fever, The Mess Hall and lots more... and it's summertime up there right now, while we're freezing...). Going from rambunctious garage rock 'n' roll and blues to 70's glam rock, this is one of the most astonishing rock albums that I've heard in quite some time. Personally I prefer a 'black Mustang' rather than an old 'Nissan', even it's a 240Z (...which are very marvellous). Highly recommended!

Black Mustang on Myspace Preview Between The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea Here

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Goddamn Gentlemen - Sex-Caliber Horsepower (2001)

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The Goddamn Gentlemen's debut album of jacked-up garage punk matches the in-the-red vocals of the Sonics with the high-powered proto-punk of MC5, the Stooges, and Rocket From the Tombs, adding slashing guitars and Farfisa-driven spookiness. The B-movie horror vibe is all over the creepy "Murder Man," complete with the fair warning, "I know you don't even care/But girl you better have on your clean underwear." There's a dumbfounding, innovative quality present on a few of the tracks here, as the brief and bizarre tempo shifting in songs like "Hip Snake Handler" and "Stanton St. Cruiser" will leave the listener scratching one's head, wondering what the heck just happened. "Knock-Out Drop" is another memorable moment, with its stuttering, amphetamine-induced lead guitar. The periodic addition of harp or saxophone, as well as the psychobilly-inspired side trip, "Door 34," aid in making Sex-Caliber Horsepower a refreshed and alive record. (source: cd universe)

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All credits to Ron

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Camaros - Romantique (2002)

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Here's the debut full-lenght by Norway three-piece Camaros. Don't let mislead you by their album cover and -title, 'cause they'll kick your ass with some of the filthiest garage/rock'n'roll, added with an extreme horny blues feeling. Just put this lil' 'm*%¨>@f#~er' in your car stereo, turn it on maximum and lets spin those wheels and burn those tires! Hell yeah...

Camaros on Myspace Preview Romantique Here

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Chrome Cranks - The Murder of Time (1993-1996)

With their unholy mix of punk, blues, rockabilly and noise, The Chrome Cranks split the difference between Jon Spencer's unhinged garage rock and the ritual intensity of Swans. The band were formed in Cincinnati in the late 1980s by singer/guitarist Peter Aaron and guitarist William Webber. They recorded three studio albums during their career, a self-titled debut in 1995, 'Dead Cool' later the same year, and 'Love in Exile' in 1996, they also released a live album (Live In Exile), an album of outtakes and demos in that same year, entitled 'Oily Cranks', and a compilation, 'Diabolical Boogie' which was released in 2007. 'The Murder of Time' (2009) is probably an interim measure, but it's a nice and remastered introduction to Chrome Cranks. It includes many of the best and best-known Chrome Cranks songs, recorded in a range of studio and live settings.

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Friday, January 8, 2010

The Mutts - I Us We You (2006)

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First of all, thank you for all the responses you've dropped in my shoutbox, posts or e-mail, I hope I can serve more good music this year, so let's start 2010 with Brighton based 'The Mutts'. The Mutts are Chris Murtagh (Vocals), Bryan Shore (Guitar), Sam Burgess (Bass) and Jake Sweetman (drums, he replaced Adam Watson). Taking 60's garage and 70's Detroit mixed with 90's stoner, this 9 track EP/mini album serves everything from rock n' roll to blues, glam, rock, soul and beyond. After the release of a 6-track EP (also posted on this blog), they've released their debut full-album "Life In Dirt" in 2005, followed by this mini-album in 2006. Sadly they disbanded shortly after this release.

The Mutts on Myspace Preview I Us We You Here