Monday, January 11, 2010

The Goddamn Gentlemen - Sex-Caliber Horsepower (2001)

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The Goddamn Gentlemen's debut album of jacked-up garage punk matches the in-the-red vocals of the Sonics with the high-powered proto-punk of MC5, the Stooges, and Rocket From the Tombs, adding slashing guitars and Farfisa-driven spookiness. The B-movie horror vibe is all over the creepy "Murder Man," complete with the fair warning, "I know you don't even care/But girl you better have on your clean underwear." There's a dumbfounding, innovative quality present on a few of the tracks here, as the brief and bizarre tempo shifting in songs like "Hip Snake Handler" and "Stanton St. Cruiser" will leave the listener scratching one's head, wondering what the heck just happened. "Knock-Out Drop" is another memorable moment, with its stuttering, amphetamine-induced lead guitar. The periodic addition of harp or saxophone, as well as the psychobilly-inspired side trip, "Door 34," aid in making Sex-Caliber Horsepower a refreshed and alive record. (source: cd universe)

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Dr. Carrion said...

Gonna check this one tonight!

And thank you! I really dig Black Diamond Heavies, Blackwater Fever and Band Of Skulls. Downloading Cuban Heels right now

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You're welcome!

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