Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Chrome Cranks - The Murder of Time (1993-1996)

With their unholy mix of punk, blues, rockabilly and noise, The Chrome Cranks split the difference between Jon Spencer's unhinged garage rock and the ritual intensity of Swans. The band were formed in Cincinnati in the late 1980s by singer/guitarist Peter Aaron and guitarist William Webber. They recorded three studio albums during their career, a self-titled debut in 1995, 'Dead Cool' later the same year, and 'Love in Exile' in 1996, they also released a live album (Live In Exile), an album of outtakes and demos in that same year, entitled 'Oily Cranks', and a compilation, 'Diabolical Boogie' which was released in 2007. 'The Murder of Time' (2009) is probably an interim measure, but it's a nice and remastered introduction to Chrome Cranks. It includes many of the best and best-known Chrome Cranks songs, recorded in a range of studio and live settings.

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