Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hillstomp - One Word (2004) and The Woman That Ended The World (2005)

Preview One Word Here

Preview The Woman That Ended The World Here

I'd like to thank mitchtim for this, 'cause I'd never heard of this Oregon-based two man band before, and damn, what an awesome mix of country and blues they bring! Here's a brief bio I've found on the internet: Portland Oregon junkbox blues duo Hillstomp is infamous for digging through the dumps and forgotten backwoods of American music, recycling traditional elements into a refreshing and distinctive brand of do-it-yourself hill country blues stomp. North Mississippi trance blues, a bit of Appalachia, and a dash of punkabilly come clanging and tumbling from assorted buckets, cans and BBQ lids, all drenched in rambunctious slide guitar. For all those who loves the 'diy'-blues style, bluegrass or vintage stuff in general. Once again, thanks you very much, mitchctim.

Hillstomp on Myspace

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