Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Screws - 12 New Hate-Filled Classics (1999)

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The Screws is Mick Collins' (Gories and Dirtbombs) probably most punkiest project he ever had. The band formed somewhere mid '97 and released two albums; '12 New Hate-Filled Classics' and 'Shake Your Monkey', which came out in 2001. When the 'Red Aunts' decided to produce their album in Detroit by Mick Collins, Terri Wahl (vocalist/guitarist from the Red Aunts) and Mick planned the idea to record an album. Collins and Wahl called upon Dan Brown and Marty Moore ('68 Comeback and Royal Trux) to form The Screws. They have remained primarily a side project, although they have toured to places as far away as Japan. On this album you'll hear some cover versions of Zappa, Mad and Redd Kross. Click here for a brief biography of Mick Collins.

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