Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lost Sounds - Lost Sounds (2004)

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Lost Sounds was a rock band from Memphis, Tennessee. Started in March 1999, the band was made up of Jay Reatard on synth, guitar and vocals, Rich Crook on drums, Patrick Jordan on bass and Alicja Trout also on synth, guitar and vocals. The band, originally working within the garage rock genre, had a collection of analog keyboards Trout had used in her previous band The Clears. The bizarre combination of new wave and garage rock does work very well. They sadly split up in May 2005. This self-titled album was their last effort, released on the famous 'In The red' record label.

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Mule - Mule (1992)

front cover Finally, I'm blogging again, too many parties last weekend. Let's start with a side project of Laughing Hyenas, featuring drummer Jim Kimball and bassist Kevin Munro and former Wig frontman P.W. Long on guitar and vocals, Mule came out of the gate as a gang of Midwest roots-punk all-stars. You can discribe their music as 'blues, southern redneck hellbilly punk'.

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ten Grand - This Is The Way To Rule (2003)

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back cover They take equal doses of indie rock, hardcore and math rock to create a sound all their own. This Iowa-based four-piece released their debut on Southern Records. If you think Fugazi is the only band that can rock you the way they do? Well, here's another band you might like.
This is my last post for this week already, I hope you enjoyed it. Have a nice weekend and see you all next week.

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New Blood - The New Rock 'n' Roll Vol. 3 (2004)

front cover
back cover New Blood "The New Rock N Roll Vol. 3" rounds up the best of the best in the new rock 'n' roll garage rock scene. A killer compilation for anyone who likes bands with the word "The" in their band name.

1.Speakers Push the Air - Pretty Girls Make Graves
2.Time Killer - The Hells
3.Reversed - Gluecifer
4.I Am the Demon - Sweatmaster
5.Scotch Love - The Paybacks
6.Moonshine, The - The Rattlesnakes
7.Baptised in Fire - The Grips
8.Bye Nancy Boy - Hot Snakes
9.Better Than You - The Hellacopters
10.Won't Go Down - The Casanovas
11.Prodigal Stones Blues - Soledad Brothers
12.Know All Along - Forcis
13.Hot Rod Deep Pit Soul - The Wednesdays
14.Screamer - Terrashima
15.It's On - Sludgefest
16.Cold Man Night - The BellRays
17.It Could Have Been So Different - Mighty Fraff
18.Bad Girl - The Detroit Cobras
19.Do You Wanna Hit It - The Donnas
20.Beat That Kills, The - The Flash Express
21.It Must Be True - The Washdown
22.What Made You Great - Electric Shocks
23.Made of Money - Weird War
24.Sicko - The Rocks
25.Judas - The Black Madonnas

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Spider Rico - Grarage Sale (2004)

front cover
back coverThis rather unknown four-piece from The Hague (The Netherlands) formed in 1997 and released a 7 inch vinyl and an EP before they released their full-album in 2004 (LVR label). Expect a thrilling mix of garage-trash-rock'n'roll, or think The Hives on speed.

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Likehell - Famous Orgies (2006)

Formed in 1994 by brothers Nick Eldorado (vocals, Desert Sessions, Rated R) and Tony Oliveri (drums). Their music is a merger of genres such as heavy metal, glam, psychopunk, 70's anthem rock and stoner. They shared the stage with The Cult, Iggy Pop, Motorhead, Queens of the Stone Age, Buckcherry to name a few. Released on the famous Rekords Rekords recordlabel.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cashman - Texassipi Stomp (2007)

front cover
This is rude, raw, raucous Mississippi style music, the sort of raw approach whose then-surviving (and some since-deceased) native practitioners (including T Model Ford or R.L. Burnside). If you like your blues raw and 'Fat Possum'-stylish, than is Cashman your band you have searching for. All credits to Pascal Thunder.

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Green Hornet - Soulscum (2003)

front cover You want a raw and dirty exciting mix of blues, soul and rock? Here's a Dutch trio who shared the stage with bands like the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Dirtbombs and Speedball Baby.
They play an exciting and pure 60's-rock, just with a Hammond organ, guitar and drums.
Thanks, Ron.

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Monday, May 18, 2009

New Blood - The New Rock 'n' Roll Vol. 2 (2002)

front cover
back cover New Blood: The New Rock and Roll, Vol. 2 collects more garage rock with the seal of approval from Artrocker, a London-based zine, label, and club night at the city's famed Metro Bar. . New Blood features a good mix of songs from bands that have already broken through. New Blood: The New Rock and Roll, Vol. 2 is a good primer on its well-known and relatively obscure bands.
Note: I started this blog and made my first post exactly 1 year ago, it was still at its embryonic stage, but nevertheless! I hope you all enjoyed this blog and the music so far.

1: Temptation Island by Love As Laughter
2: M.F. From Hell by The Datsuns
3: Street Survivor by Flaming Sideburns
4: Kranxed Up, Really High by The Olivine Brown
5: She's A Libra by The Pattern
6: Jesus Died So We Could Ride by Speed Killers
7: Dead Language Of Love by The (International) Noise Conspiracy
8: Furious Desires by The Hotwires
9: Cryin' by The Von Bondies
10: Bad Feeling by The Beatings
11: Come Home To Me by Ten Benson
12: Rock 'n' Roll Motherfucker by The 04
13: State Control by The Hives
14: Miles Away by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
15: Do You Think Of Him Still? by Vue
16: The Driver by Beachbuggy
17: I'm Not Talking by The Mooney Suzuki
18: Primitive by The Parkinsons
19: Who You Know by Mclusky
20: Disguise Myself by The Catheters
21: Gotta Make A Change by Los Nachos
22: You Bug Me by Modey Lemon

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Les Thugs - As Happy As Possible (1993)

front cover back cover Probably one of the most underrated bands of France, formed in 1983. This four-piece brought us a hypnotic mix between garage-punk & grunge (with equal doses of new-wave, punkabilly, psychedelica or shoegaze ...). They've released 9 albums over their sixteen-year during career.

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ugly papas - Purperen Pillen (1994)

They left the bluesrock from their first album , and replaced it with all kind of variants of psychedelics : lots of sound effects, ominous bass-loops, freaking guitars, hypnotizing rhythms, unrecognizable adaptations of Frank Zappa & Serge Gainsbourg, changing the genre from reggea to hardrock.
This results in a much more hypnotic and druggy sound, ...what do you expect with such an album title ( purperen pillen = purple pills).
A big thanks to Pazzyryck.

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Konqistador - Courage Riot (2006)

Konqistador formed in 2003 in Detroit, USA. Reggie Ray and Lizzy Ray were taking a break from touring with their Melbourne-based band 72 Blues. They joined forces with D.A. Chow and Ben James to commence the writing and demo recording of new material for Konqistador. Their self-produced debut album 'Courage Riot' was first recorded in Detroit, after that they went to Istanbul, Turkey for further recordings and after that they did the mixing in Melbourne. Expect some industrial rock with Eastern influences, completed with Lizzy’s multi-lingual vocals ('Toro Montenegro, Un Cercle Justifie or 'Camelot) . Just check their Myspace or see them on Youtube.
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Creature With The Atom Brain - The Snake (2004)

front coverThis is the first and hard to find release of Creature With The Atom Brain. Creature With The Atom Brain is the 'hobby project' of Aldo Struyf. He is best known as guitarist and keyboardist of Millionaire, he also played with Mark Lanegan's Band. Expect on this album a mishmash of electronics/samples and repetitive kraut math stonerrock riffs.
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