Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Blood - The New Rock 'n' Roll Vol. 3 (2004)

front cover
back cover New Blood "The New Rock N Roll Vol. 3" rounds up the best of the best in the new rock 'n' roll garage rock scene. A killer compilation for anyone who likes bands with the word "The" in their band name.

1.Speakers Push the Air - Pretty Girls Make Graves
2.Time Killer - The Hells
3.Reversed - Gluecifer
4.I Am the Demon - Sweatmaster
5.Scotch Love - The Paybacks
6.Moonshine, The - The Rattlesnakes
7.Baptised in Fire - The Grips
8.Bye Nancy Boy - Hot Snakes
9.Better Than You - The Hellacopters
10.Won't Go Down - The Casanovas
11.Prodigal Stones Blues - Soledad Brothers
12.Know All Along - Forcis
13.Hot Rod Deep Pit Soul - The Wednesdays
14.Screamer - Terrashima
15.It's On - Sludgefest
16.Cold Man Night - The BellRays
17.It Could Have Been So Different - Mighty Fraff
18.Bad Girl - The Detroit Cobras
19.Do You Wanna Hit It - The Donnas
20.Beat That Kills, The - The Flash Express
21.It Must Be True - The Washdown
22.What Made You Great - Electric Shocks
23.Made of Money - Weird War
24.Sicko - The Rocks
25.Judas - The Black Madonnas

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