Friday, May 1, 2009

Mogul - Build Me A Hunchback (2008) Re-up

Cowboys & Aliens (RIP) and Hypnos 69 (RIP ?) were probably the best stonerrock acts Belgium ever had. Now we have Mogul, Belgium's best keep (stoner) secret of this moment. If you adore Unida, Hermano, Fu or love Demon Cleaner and Ridge, than you surely like Mogul's first full-album 'Build me a hunchback'.
Check them out: Myspace

"Unida, Hermano, Monster Magnet and Kyuss fans, please pay attention to the following! From Belgium hails this new sensational stoner rock band Mogul! Good old fashioned stoner rock with the cosmic approach to songs and melodies. I cannot discover one flaw on this record." (quote taken from allthatisheavy).


dave said...

Looking to hear this one.

Tell me it's not true that Hypnos 69 is dead what a bummer, great band.


Simon said...

hey pasc, it might be me on this end of the line, but when i goto mediafire for this link it won't work for me, all ur other links are fine. Just give it a look-see. hopefully its just on my end. I checked these guys myspace..have some nice tunes, cant wait to rock out to it.
thanks for the good work amigo.

pascalito said...

I can't see anything wrong on this link, but I have the album uploaded on Megaupload as well, hope this is working.
Enjoy, and thx for visiting my blog bro's.
Grtz Pascalito.