Monday, May 18, 2009

New Blood - The New Rock 'n' Roll Vol. 2 (2002)

front cover
back cover New Blood: The New Rock and Roll, Vol. 2 collects more garage rock with the seal of approval from Artrocker, a London-based zine, label, and club night at the city's famed Metro Bar. . New Blood features a good mix of songs from bands that have already broken through. New Blood: The New Rock and Roll, Vol. 2 is a good primer on its well-known and relatively obscure bands.
Note: I started this blog and made my first post exactly 1 year ago, it was still at its embryonic stage, but nevertheless! I hope you all enjoyed this blog and the music so far.

1: Temptation Island by Love As Laughter
2: M.F. From Hell by The Datsuns
3: Street Survivor by Flaming Sideburns
4: Kranxed Up, Really High by The Olivine Brown
5: She's A Libra by The Pattern
6: Jesus Died So We Could Ride by Speed Killers
7: Dead Language Of Love by The (International) Noise Conspiracy
8: Furious Desires by The Hotwires
9: Cryin' by The Von Bondies
10: Bad Feeling by The Beatings
11: Come Home To Me by Ten Benson
12: Rock 'n' Roll Motherfucker by The 04
13: State Control by The Hives
14: Miles Away by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
15: Do You Think Of Him Still? by Vue
16: The Driver by Beachbuggy
17: I'm Not Talking by The Mooney Suzuki
18: Primitive by The Parkinsons
19: Who You Know by Mclusky
20: Disguise Myself by The Catheters
21: Gotta Make A Change by Los Nachos
22: You Bug Me by Modey Lemon

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The Whale said...

Happy Birthday!

And I am so gratefull for this post, I used to have Vol.1 and 2 of new blood but lost them. Any chance you could post the first one as well?

pascalito said...

Hi, I don't have Vol.1, but I do have vol.3! Are you interested? Just let me know.
Grtz Pascalito

The Whale said...

Yeah, I'd be very interested!


Pascalito wishing you to carry on speading some nice pieces of music art with us out there.Keep on bloggin brother