Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Delta 72 - The Early Years ('94 - '96)

The Delta 72

To make your Delta 72 almost complete, here are their early recordings. This file contains 2 albums (part 1 and 2). The Delta 72 was attempt to combine the classic soul, slide-guitar and distorted organ sound around the chaos of punk.

Early Years Part 1:
1. Hipcoat
2. Gotta Train to Catch
3. Chicago Hustler *
4. Surprise Attack *
5. Take 2 *
6. Ms. White Con *
7. I Shot My Pa *
8. Satellite *
9. Ambient Diversions *
10. Ya Ya *

Early Years Part 2: Improvised jams with Ben & Gregg
1. jam 1 *
2. jam 2 *
3. jam 3 *
4. jam 4 *
5. jam 5 *
(*unreleased demos)

Delta 72 on Myspace Download The Early Years part 1 & 2 Here

Muchas Gracias Ron!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Devil Eyes - Devil Eyes (2009)

front cover

I haven't much time to write a review, so here's a nice review I found on the net which will give you a good description on what you may expect on this album. Enjoy.
Devil Eyes' self-titled album doesn't quite replicate their guitar-smashing performance at HPX, but it comes close. Inspired by early rock 'n' roll, the Montreal trio channels the wild, dance-roots of the genre. Devil Eyes jumps across surf, rockabilly, punk, psychedelic blues and Old Time Relijun-esque jazz. But the focus doesn't change---each track, in its own way, offers up a teeth-grinding reckless riot. While others pointlessly try to perfect rock 'n' roll, Devil Eyes simply embraces it and want you to jump in for a wild high speed ride in their supercharged 1957 Thunderbird of an album. (Review found here)

Devil Eyes on Myspace Download Devil Eyes Here

Friday, November 27, 2009

Band of Skulls - Baby Darling Doll Face Honey (2009)

front cover
On Band of Skulls' debut album you'll hear influences going from '70s blues-folk to '90s garage-rock and 2000's acoustic-pop. The band is very big on sounding raw like the choppy riffs lining 'Light Of The Morning', 'Death By Diamonds And Pearls' (this sounds like the f**** Stripes), 'I Know What I Am' and "Patterns". The smoky blues-folk tint of "Blood" is reminiscent of '70s classic rock, and the dance-rock springs in "Hollywood Bowl" give the song a dance-club vibe. Trust me, this is a very strong release from this young U.K.-based trio. For fans of...course, The White Stripes, The Kills, The Raconteurs, The Duke Spirit, The Pack A.D., ...

Band of Skulls on Myspace Download Baby Darling Doll Face Honey Here

Marbles - Ready to Ride EP (2009)

Finally, back home after quite a stormy week. Let's kick off the weekend with some killer stoner tunes from Portugal. This Lisbon-based trio were founded in Montijo in '95. They started as a quintet, but in 2007 two of the original members left the band. During their twelve year career they have recorded three demo's, 'Sleepy Time' (1996), 'Apollo 9' (2000) and 'Slow Desert Punk' in 2004. Now they have recorded a CD/EP which you can download for free on Sonic Infusion records.

Marbles on Myspace Download Ready to Ride EP Here

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hello=Fire - Hello=Fire (2009)

front cover

Hello=Fire is Dean Fertita's first solo album. Dean's first band was The Waxwings in the late 1990's. They released three albums and the band's most popular song, "Fragile Girl" was covered by The White Stripes. After The Waxwings broke up in 2004, Fertita was recruited by Brendan Benson to play keyboard on Benson's two-man British acoustic tour, and later during The Raconteurs tour in support of the 'Broken Boy Soldiers'-album. After that he joined Queens of the Stone Age as their new keyboardist and additional guitarist to support the 'Era Vulgaris'-album. Currently Fertita is a member in Jack White's 'The Dead Weather', featuring Alison Mosshart (The Kills) and Jack Lawrence (The Raconteurs).

Fertita's first solo effort, Hello=Fire, released the debut single "Nature of Our Minds" in August. The album features guest appearances by fellow Queens of the Stone Age bandmates Troy Van Leeuwen, Joey Castillo and Michael Shuman, as well as Brendan Benson and the Afghan Whigs' Michael Horrigan. The music? Well , of course you hear the Raconteurs/White Stripes/QOTSA-elements, what's not a bad thing, it's just a catchy (and poppy) rock album with laid-back slacker vocals.

So, this was my last offer for this week, enjoy your weekend.

Download Hello=Fire Here

The Vignettes - Two EP's (2008/2009)

Out of Home, On Our Own EP

download Out of

Violence Solves Everything EP

download Violence Solves

This sounds like the f**king bastard child of the Datsuns and Death From Above 1979! You always want to know how the Datsuns, DFA 1979 and YYY's would sound like if they were in the same studio at the same time, check this amazing new Australian (Sydney) band. The Vignettes are: Joel (guitar) and Katy B ( drums), yeah I know, another male guitarist/singer and female drummer, but this duo sounds quite sensational, this is a damn catchy, though raw and energetic band, you have to check 'em out here. I hope they will release a full-lenght soon, this needs/deserves much more attention.

Thanks to The Gasoline Man (from 'the abandoned garage') for turning me into this amazing band, rule!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

V.A. - Vollanalog (2009)

Downloadlink removed by request
This little gem was dropped in my mailbox, thx Ron! As the album titel suggests, this is a vinyl release only, limited to 500 (handnumbered) copies. This sampler was released to celebrate the fifth birthday of 'Celluloid Music Festival' in Maastricht (the Netherlands). On this sampler you'll find the sleaziest and funkiest bands the European underground has to offer. 11 bands, 33 minutes of the hottest Hammond-driven and guitarfuelled bands, and between the songs you hear funny dialogues from some classic German porn movies.

Side A
01 Rare Groove Orchestra - The man with the dirty finger
02 Lefties Soul Connection - Sling shot
03 Green Hornet - Stay put (previously unreleased)
04 Big Boss Man - Humanize
05 King Khan & His Shrines - Three hairs and you're mine
06 Sheetah et les Weissmellerr - Mets des badges

Side B
01 zZz - Ecstasy
02 Das Aldi Combo - Piano song (previously unreleased)
03 The Staggers - Little girl
04 Speedball JR - Sudden Billy
05 DeWolff - The thrills that come along with the landing of a flying saucer

Once again, thanks for this Ron!
Note: Link removed by request, you can buy it here

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Live (2009)

download Live here
Double wax/gatefold sleeve vinyl version of their live CD/DVD pack to be released on their own label (Abstract Dragon) in conjunction with Vagrant Records. Various tracks spanning their entire career (plus a romping cover of the Pogues' "Dirty Old Town" unavailable elsewhere), recorded in Berlin, Dublin and Glasgow, and mixed by BRMC's own Peter Hayes! This is their only vinyl currently in print. Thx to the original uploader.

1. Berlin 2:31
2. Weapon Of Choice 3:41
3. Rise Or Fall 2:53
4. Conducer 3:56
5. Aint No Easy Way 6:09
6. Weight Of The World 3:59
7. Stop 4:17
8. All You Do Is Talk 4:54
9. Red Eyes And Tears 5:39
10. As Sure As The Sun 4:14
11. American X 6:09
12. Spread Your Love 9:48
13. Love Burns 4:06
14. Mercy 3:26
15. Dirty Old Town 5:52
16. Promise 3:10
17. Six Barrel Shotgun 7:14
18. Whatever Happened To My Rock And Roll 6:09
19. Punk Song 5:04
20. Fault Line 3:51
21. Took Out A Loan 6:34
22. The Show Is About To Begin 8:11
23. Heart And Soul 15:19

Monday, November 16, 2009

King Automatic - In The Blue Corner (2009)

front cover

Mesdammes et Messieurs , here's King Automatic introducing his third release. France's most popular one-man band around proudly presents his third record, entitled 'In The Blue Corner'. On his third album 'The King' expands his Billy Childish-like garage/r'n'r sound with other music genres, such as reggea, ska and bebop .... I enjoy this very much. All credits to Pascal 'The Gasoline Man' Thunder, thx mate!

King Automatic on Myspace Download In The Blue Corner Here

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Two One-Man Band EP's

Scott H. Biram - Rehabilitation Blues EP (2003)

download here

Scott H Biram brings a traditional mix of acoustic blues, country, hillbilly and bluegrass music and blends it all together with a very emotional and soulful vocal approach. This EP was released shortly after an almost fatal accident with an 18 wheeler truck whereby Scott's life nearly ended.

Honkeyfinger - Running on Empty EP (2009)

download here

Just to keep the saliva flowing. . . . Honkeyfinger released a 5 track EP on May 18. Including 2 remixes by Mr. Andrew Weatheral and a version of Honkeyfinger's live favourit 'I'm Your Witchdoctor'. Released in limited edition 3 track 7" vinyl or CD ( 2 remixes bonus). Bio: Honkeyfinger is the one man band from the bowels of the earth, erupting molten fuzz lapsteel, screaming harmonica riffs and desperate bestial howling in a scorching hot cocktail of heavy raw blues power.

The Paybacks - Love, Not Reason (2006)

Dropped in my shoutbox, thx ksn! If you are looking for an unusual mixture between hard rock, catchy punk and bluesy melodies, than is Love, Not Reason maybe your thing. 'Love, Not Reason' is 'The Paybacks' third effort, released in 2006 on their own Savage Jams record label. The Paybacks, a four-piece hailing from Detroit, formed in 1999 from the ashes of Detroit rock vets Rocket 455, The Hentchmen and Ten Highand. The Paybacks are led by singer / guitarist Wendy Case, she's assisted by guitarist Danny Methric (from The Muggs), drummer Bill Hafer and bassist John Szymanski (also organ and music box).
Is it 'punk', is it 'garage', is it... it's a straight up rock album.
All credeits to ksn, thx mate.

The Paybacks on Myspace Download Love, Not Reason  Here

Friday, November 13, 2009

Gwyn Ashton - Two Man Blues Army (2009)

front cover

Gwyn Ashton is a two-man band featuring award-winning Australian guitarist Gwyn Ashton and UK-based drummer 'Killer' Kev Hickman. On 'Two Man Blues Army' you'll hear an exciting crossover between alternative (delta) blues, old-skool garage and psychedelica. This album is a traditional pure, powerful and dark, energetic and charged with electricity blues-rock ... or like wrote: "South Australia's greatest contribution to blues-rock". Pascal 'Gasoline Man' Thunder, thank you very much!

Gwyn Ashton on Myspace Download  Two Man Blues Army Here

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Legends of Motorsport - Yeah Uh Huh (2009)

front cover

Brand new album from the Legends of Motorsport. This Australian high octane injected rock'n'roll combo deliver with their 3rd release a winning formula of high octane riffs, greasy garage organ and stoner vibes. Be prepared for a thrilling mix of overdriven rock'n'roll, vintage garage and turbo-charged stoner.

Enough said, get in your car, put this in your CD-player and you'll be a 'legend of motorsport' yourself...LOL

DL-link removed by request.

Legends of Motorsport on Myspace

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Daydream Nation - Bella Vendetta (2004)

front cover

Bella vendetta is the second release of Daydream Nation. Daydream Nation (name borrowed from a Sonic Youth album) are (were ?) a Canadian band which have created the perfect blend of cool, psychedelic rock and modern shoegaze. With lush, swirling fuzzy guitars with dreamy, moody vocals and a powerful driving beat. Daydream Nation deserves to find a wider audience. Each song on this album is great, with gentle nods to bands like BRMC and Brian Jonestown Massacre. Speaking of BJM, frontman Hunter Crowley is a former member of BJM and Warlocks.

Daydream Nation on Myspace Download Bella Vendetta Here

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Bardo - The Bardo (2009)

front cover

Let me introduce you to a new stunning British trio, called 'The Bardo' (not to be confused with a nu-metal band with the same name). Throw the nastiest rock'n'roll and blues in a blender, stir well with some brutal industrial and the result is: a damn catchy and explosive cocktail, that will bring you in a rockin', shakin' and headbangin' temper. You're not convinced ? Let me give you some hints: 80's Matchbox B-line..., Grinderm..., Billy I... what the heck, just click the Myspace-logo !!!
And remember, you lazy bastards, support the artist, buy their records or some other stuff, go to their shows, spent some €'s, £'s or $'s !

The Bardo on Myspace Download The Bardo Here

Monday, November 9, 2009

Sweethead - Sweethead (2009)

front cover
Named after a Bowie-song, Sweethead is the new brainchild of QOTSA's guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen, joined by Norm Block and Eddie Nappi ( both from Mark Lanegan Band) and Serrina Sims. Of course there are some similarities with QOTSA, but Sims' vocals gives it a more sultry smoky touch, while I hear some echoes of NIN also (Turned Our Backs). File this between QOTSA and The Spores, to stay in the family.

Sweethead on Myspace Download Sweethead Here

The Hellbusters - Guilty (2007)

Dropped in my mailbox yesterday, and man, how could I miss this! Thx Pascal Thunder.
You want your Delta-blues raw and energetic ? Well, get this duo from Reno, Nevada. Todd Mauldin (guitar, vocals) and Jack D. Doyle (harp, stomp box) show how Mississippi blues should sound like: thirteen pure, hard-driven, raw & dirty songs, boy, this stuff is reduced to its essential. Once again, a huge thanks goes to 'the Gasoline Man' ( check his blog, you find some great stuff you might like) and the original uploader.

The Hellbusters on Myspace Download Guilty Here

Two Russian Cowboys - Unplugged Lowbat - The Early Days (2003)

front cover

Two Russian Cowboys were founded near Kortrijk (Belgium) in the late 80's. "Unplugged Lowbat - The Early Days" is the first (double) album of Luc Dufourmont & co. Their style is very diverse: rock, pop, country, a capella, folk, musical you name it, you find it here. The album starts with an 'a cappella' version of The Sex Pistols' "Anarchy in the UK", followed by "Gegingegeugengi", a 'word' used as rhythm (means, don't you have a memory) sung in West-Flemish. Lee Marvin shows up in "666", and "Paint it Black" (Haunting Things Away). "Guerre Allah Tele" is Gainsbourg mixed with the ( in Belgium well-known) Keno-tune. Further you'll recognise Ozark Henry's "Sweet Instigator", Stooges' " I Wanna Be Your Dog", Smiths .... Keyword is here: HUMOR. This is amusing, well-dosed musical entertainment. Thanks to Pazzyryck.

Two Russian Cowboys on Myspace Download Unplugged Lowbat - The Early Days

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Joe Buck - Joe Buck Yourself Motherfucker (2004)


The once anti-Nashville Joe Buck gained notoriety as the guitarist of Th' Legenday Shack Shakers. As Hank III's villianous sideman, the snarling upright bass player became infamously recognizable. Joe Buck Yourself is now a bonefide evil motherfucking, one man band. This unique blend of hellbilly punkrock ain't your grandma's hillbilly music. Joe Buck Yourself, mother fuckers! (taken from his website).
This is a pure 'motherfucking' Western hellbilly garage punkrock album, or imagine the mighty Cramps fronted by Hank Williams, it blow your head off immediately. Requested.

Joe Buck on Myspace Download Joe Buck Yourself Here

Chili Cold Blood - Rock'n'Roll Motherfucker Redux (2005)

front cover

Texas-based Chili Cold Blood are three rockin' blues cowboys: 'Rock'n'Roll Motherfucker' was originally released in 2004, recorded with two different drummers. No much copies were pressed, so all copies were selled on their gigs. All those tracks plus a couple of new songs have been re-recorded by a new driven line-up. So here we go, welcome to the killer sound of Chili Cold Blood! CCB plays raw, howlin', and boozy southern electric honky tonk rhythm'n'blues dirtyin' it into some darkly post-punk sceneries, or think of R.L. Burnside & J.L. Hooker meeting some gloomy Black Sabbath-sound. Real bad-man-blues thing with hypnotic and circular riffs that reminds as of Mississippi Delta/North Hills and Texas style licks as dark Tommy Iommi's visionary musical intuitions. Thanks to Le Garage Abandonné and Captain Poon for bringing this under the spotlights.

Chili Cold Blood on Myspace Download Rock'n'Roll Motherfucker Redux Here