Monday, November 9, 2009

Two Russian Cowboys - Unplugged Lowbat - The Early Days (2003)

front cover

Two Russian Cowboys were founded near Kortrijk (Belgium) in the late 80's. "Unplugged Lowbat - The Early Days" is the first (double) album of Luc Dufourmont & co. Their style is very diverse: rock, pop, country, a capella, folk, musical you name it, you find it here. The album starts with an 'a cappella' version of The Sex Pistols' "Anarchy in the UK", followed by "Gegingegeugengi", a 'word' used as rhythm (means, don't you have a memory) sung in West-Flemish. Lee Marvin shows up in "666", and "Paint it Black" (Haunting Things Away). "Guerre Allah Tele" is Gainsbourg mixed with the ( in Belgium well-known) Keno-tune. Further you'll recognise Ozark Henry's "Sweet Instigator", Stooges' " I Wanna Be Your Dog", Smiths .... Keyword is here: HUMOR. This is amusing, well-dosed musical entertainment. Thanks to Pazzyryck.

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