Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Bardo - The Bardo (2009)

front cover

Let me introduce you to a new stunning British trio, called 'The Bardo' (not to be confused with a nu-metal band with the same name). Throw the nastiest rock'n'roll and blues in a blender, stir well with some brutal industrial and the result is: a damn catchy and explosive cocktail, that will bring you in a rockin', shakin' and headbangin' temper. You're not convinced ? Let me give you some hints: 80's Matchbox B-line..., Grinderm..., Billy I... what the heck, just click the Myspace-logo !!!
And remember, you lazy bastards, support the artist, buy their records or some other stuff, go to their shows, spent some €'s, £'s or $'s !

The Bardo on Myspace Download The Bardo Here


Pascal Thunder said...

Tu m'as convaincu, je le prends.
Merci beaucoup.

pascalito said...

Il ne vous décevra pas. Merci beaucoup pour Hellbusters, Chilli Cold Blood, Gwin Ashton etc...
Salute Pascalito