Saturday, November 14, 2009

Two One-Man Band EP's

Scott H. Biram - Rehabilitation Blues EP (2003)

download here

Scott H Biram brings a traditional mix of acoustic blues, country, hillbilly and bluegrass music and blends it all together with a very emotional and soulful vocal approach. This EP was released shortly after an almost fatal accident with an 18 wheeler truck whereby Scott's life nearly ended.

Honkeyfinger - Running on Empty EP (2009)

download here

Just to keep the saliva flowing. . . . Honkeyfinger released a 5 track EP on May 18. Including 2 remixes by Mr. Andrew Weatheral and a version of Honkeyfinger's live favourit 'I'm Your Witchdoctor'. Released in limited edition 3 track 7" vinyl or CD ( 2 remixes bonus). Bio: Honkeyfinger is the one man band from the bowels of the earth, erupting molten fuzz lapsteel, screaming harmonica riffs and desperate bestial howling in a scorching hot cocktail of heavy raw blues power.

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