Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ricochets - Slo-mo Suicide (2001)

front cover
Here's, in my opinion, another underestimated band from Norway. Ricochets formed in Fredrikstad in 1999, and have quickly risen to the top of the Norwegian rock stratosphere. Slo-mo Suicide was their debut album followed by "The Ghost of Our Love" in 2003. They released their last album in 2005, titled “Isolation”. They gained local recognition as a solid live-band next to Madrugada and My Midnight Creeps (MMC= Alex Kloster-Jensen from Ricochets and Robert Burås from Madrugada). If you like Madrugada and MMC you'll definately love this as well. Enjoy.

Download Slo-mo Suicide Here

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