Saturday, November 28, 2009

Devil Eyes - Devil Eyes (2009)

front cover

I haven't much time to write a review, so here's a nice review I found on the net which will give you a good description on what you may expect on this album. Enjoy.
Devil Eyes' self-titled album doesn't quite replicate their guitar-smashing performance at HPX, but it comes close. Inspired by early rock 'n' roll, the Montreal trio channels the wild, dance-roots of the genre. Devil Eyes jumps across surf, rockabilly, punk, psychedelic blues and Old Time Relijun-esque jazz. But the focus doesn't change---each track, in its own way, offers up a teeth-grinding reckless riot. While others pointlessly try to perfect rock 'n' roll, Devil Eyes simply embraces it and want you to jump in for a wild high speed ride in their supercharged 1957 Thunderbird of an album. (Review found here)

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