Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ricochets - The Ghost of Our Love (2003)

front cover
Second release from this Fredrikstad-based quartet. They were first heard in the Oslo club circuit in 1997, but they had several problems, and after they've released their debut album, they broke up. Suprisingly, in early 2003, they came back with this great album, "The ghost of our love", which got very good reviews. "The ghost of our love" continues where "Slo-mo Suicide" stopped. Deep, dark (garage)rock, but with more elements of rythm&blues. It has elements from the sexties to the early seventies, (swinging hard guitars, the organ, the desperatly high pitched vocals). Keywords are: Nick Cave, The Doors, Yardbirds... Robert Burås (Madrugada) features on the title track.

Download The Ghost of Our Love  Here

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