Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Vignettes - Two EP's (2008/2009)

Out of Home, On Our Own EP

download Out of

Violence Solves Everything EP

download Violence Solves

This sounds like the f**king bastard child of the Datsuns and Death From Above 1979! You always want to know how the Datsuns, DFA 1979 and YYY's would sound like if they were in the same studio at the same time, check this amazing new Australian (Sydney) band. The Vignettes are: Joel (guitar) and Katy B ( drums), yeah I know, another male guitarist/singer and female drummer, but this duo sounds quite sensational, this is a damn catchy, though raw and energetic band, you have to check 'em out here. I hope they will release a full-lenght soon, this needs/deserves much more attention.

Thanks to The Gasoline Man (from 'the abandoned garage') for turning me into this amazing band, rule!


Pascal Thunder said...

Complètement d’accord avec toi sur la qualité du duo australien.
Merci pour la pub Pascalito

the vignettes said...

Hey dude! Love the post, no one's nailed our sound like you have in this blog. We've self made an album that we're releasing on vinyl and mp3 next month, and if you want i'll ship one to you for free. Comment back with your postal address and it's in the bag.
Cheers man
The Vignettes

Pascalito's Way said...

@the vignettes, if I want????
of course!!! Do you have an account number or so, 'cause I want to pay a small contribution for this...
My address is: Pascal Vileyn
Hasseltstraat 26
8450 Bredene

Thx in advance, CU

the vignettes said...

if you want, the proper purchase method can be found here:
Otherwise, you can pay us by reviewing this one too!
Keep up the good work.

The Vignettes