Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Paybacks - Love, Not Reason (2006)

Dropped in my shoutbox, thx ksn! If you are looking for an unusual mixture between hard rock, catchy punk and bluesy melodies, than is Love, Not Reason maybe your thing. 'Love, Not Reason' is 'The Paybacks' third effort, released in 2006 on their own Savage Jams record label. The Paybacks, a four-piece hailing from Detroit, formed in 1999 from the ashes of Detroit rock vets Rocket 455, The Hentchmen and Ten Highand. The Paybacks are led by singer / guitarist Wendy Case, she's assisted by guitarist Danny Methric (from The Muggs), drummer Bill Hafer and bassist John Szymanski (also organ and music box).
Is it 'punk', is it 'garage', is it... it's a straight up rock album.
All credeits to ksn, thx mate.

The Paybacks on Myspace Download Love, Not Reason  Here

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