Thursday, April 23, 2009

Max Radings - Whisky and Apples (2008)

Max Radings is a guitarist and song writer, now playing with Brant Bjork (of Kyuss fame) as one of the Bro's. Now he has released a solo album called 'Whisky & Apples', which you could buy on their 'Brant Bjork and the Bro's' tour.

Thanks, Pazzyryck

The Sermon - Volume (2004)

San Francisco's The Sermon, formed in late 2000, are a killer fuzz sixties garage rock band.
'Volume', released on Alternative Tentacles, offers 12 tracks of hard-hitting rock n roll, complete with unrelenting dual guitar attack, theremin/echoplex bursts and a fierce rhythm section.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Stinky Lou and The Goon Mat - Fat Sausage For Dinner (2005)

Some more great 'Fat Possum-style delta blues' tunes from this French/ Belgian trio, 'Fat Sausage for Dinner' was their first record, released in 2005. 'This ain't cutesy blues...this is testosterone driven, hard hitting drinkin' and dancin' music and it certainly ain't nuthin' for the underaged' (quote taken from their Myspace).

Merci beaucoup, Pascal Thunder (France)

V.A. - The International Rock Congress (2003)

1. Deadbeat - Cato Salsa Experience
2. Ain't It the Truth - The Briefs
3. Brain Power, The - The Hentchmen
4. Boy Meets Girls - Radio 4
5. Venus in a Flash - Doubleman
6. Wanna See It Done - Sweatmaster
7. Flowers - The Flaming Sideburns
8. Hip Check! - The Come Ons
9. Bring Your Passion - Temple Temple
10. Addicts of Communication - Randy
11. Come Along With Me - The Royal Beat Conspiracy
12. I'm Downright Amazed at What I Can Destroy With Just a Hammer - Atom & His Package
13. I Like Sleeping - Wiskey Biscuit
14. Raise Your Hand - The Now Time Delegation
15. Your Love Belongs Under a Rock - The Dirtbombs
16. Zouzou - Dans Face
17. Foreign Currency - The Stitches
18. Que Lindo Sueno - King Khan

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

La Muerte - Black God White Devil (1988)

Compiled by La Muerte for Sex Wax Records. Tracks 1,2 & 3 are taken from 'The Surrelist Mystery' 12"; Songs 4,5,6 and 7 are taken from 'The Mystery Goes On EP'; 8 and 9 are taken from 'Peep Show' and 10 to 17 are taken from 'Every Soul By Sin '.

Thee Vicars - Let Us Play LP (2008)

Thee Vicars, formed in April 2007, like dirty and fuzzy noise. They are a band with a raw vintage sound playing energetic garage rock n roll. They have just released their first full-album 'Back on the Streets' on Dirty Water Records, 'Let us play LP' was their fist 7".

Currently on tour in Europe, click here to listen.

Hulk - Live @ Paradiso (23-01-2005)

1. Brain Drain People
2. Never Walk This Way
3. It's Allright
4. Magic
5. Bad Girl... Bad Boy
6. Sweet Love
7. My Nation
8. Real Rocker
9. Keep Talking
10. Like Everybody Does

All credits to Pazzyrick

Monday, April 20, 2009

Joe Gideon and the Shark - Harum Scarum (2009)

Joe Gideon and his sister, Viva (aka Shark), played together in Bikini Atol, now they have released their first album. Their combination of thumping rhythms, raw bluesy guitar and Joe Gideon's rough county-style vocals/spoken word (think Mark E. Smith from The Fall) weaving melancholic stories makes for compelling listening. The whole sound is stripped bare, raw and bluesy with light production (The Kills, Jon Spencer.., Fiery Furnaces e.a.). Gideon provides the main vocals and guitar and Viva plays the drums, piano and guitar, whilst adding beautifully delicate backing vocals. The record kicks off with title track Harum Scarum, a great introduction to the pounding rhythms of the band, while DOL is the real stand out track, with the repetitive chanting 'Daughter of a loony' followed by a huge sleazy blues riff drawing you into the song (think Grinderman). This is a stunning debut from a musically brilliant duo who will no doubt go far this year.

My Midnight Creeps - MMC (2005)

I was searching this for a while, My Midnight Creeps' first album, released in 2005. My Midnight Creeps was founded by Robert Burås (guitarist of Madrugada) and Ricochet's guitarist Alex Kloster-Jensen. This is rock'n'roll drenched in a bluesy, dark psychedelic sound, added with a saxophone.
Robert Burås, guitarist and songwriter, died in Oslo on 12 July 2007, at the age of 32.

Thanks to Joop from MusicalMojo.

Sabbia- DVD (2008)

I posted the soundtrack of this DVD a while ago, now here's the complete DVD.
"Music, though the most transitory of art forms, often has the power to create a palpable sense of time and space. Film is especially suited to being enhanced and deepened by music. When the two meet, the results can be banal, uneven or brilliant - but they're best when they're surprising. Such is the case with Sabbia, a collaboration between musician Brant Bjork and filmmaker Kate McCabe."

All credits to Pazzyryck, thanks!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Stinky Lou and The Goon Mat - 12 Roots and Boogie Blues Songs by...

Stinky Lou & The Goon Mat (Liège, Belgium/Lille, France) are Mathias Dalle (the goon, on guitar and vocals), his best friend Laurent Goossens (the stinky ! on the washtub) and Lord Benardo (Harmonica). Expect a repertoire of hard driven delta-blues in the same vein of J.L.Hooker, T Model Ford and R.L.Burnside.

'Muchas Gracias' to Peter (Greece)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Creature With The Atom Brain - Transylvania (2009)

Another Belgian band linked to Millionaire and Vandal X. Formed by Aldo Struyf and Dave Schroyen, Transylvania is CWTAB second full-release. Expect a warm and more hypnotic 60's -70's style of rock, less 'stoner' which you heard on their first full-album (I'm the Golden Gate Bridge). Produced by Chris Goss (Masters of Reality) and additional vocals by 'Screaming Tree' Mark Lanegan (Lovely Night)

Visit their Myspace or website.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Ether - Helleven (1995)

There are a number of bands called Ether. This particular one comes from Belgium and features former members of La Muerte, The Weathermen and Ugly Papas. The music is a sort of "La Muerte goes electronic", a slow and sleazy rock with some industrial samples to make it sound modern. The bastard son of Ministry and The Birthday Party fornicating in some dungeon, maybe. Music to listen to when you're on the road (review from somewhere on the net).

This is good, thank you Pazzyryck!

Radio Infinity - Radio Infinity (2006)

Finally, I'm back, let's start with an unknown Belgian band.
Ben Weyers was one of the key-members of Millionaire, and had quite an impact on the sound of their wonderful debut-album “Outside The Simian Flock”. After extensive touring with Millionaire supporting QOTSA, Ben decided to go his own way and teamed up with Evil Superstars' bass player Bart Vandebroeck. Backed-up by Vandal X’s drummer Gunter Liket, Radio Infinity it was… An explosive cocktail of raw guitars, a little psychedelic, and a wild rhythm-section. This is their debut album, released in 2006.

Check their Myspace here.
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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Southern Voodoo - 2 albums

Devil's Drive (2007)

The Love Militia (2005)

Chaos - mayhem - rock'n'roll!! Four arrogant ego trippers with a common craze for rancid rock-..n-roll and everything the lord - and in a lesser degree the devil put on a blacklist in all his wisdom. Southern Voodoo's chaos, decadence and explosive brawls but always ends up on their feet. The band arose somewhere in spring of 2001 but due to almost constant line-up changes it takes until 2003 before they record a first demo as a three piece band. In 2004, the trio releases the four-song demo "Southern voodoo". The action is go. One song (Cosmic Dancer) makes it to alternative radio and ends up on a compilation of a popular rock magazine. In the summer of 2005 -in two different sessions (in between they sign a record deal) - they record twelve quivering super-fat rock-..n-roll hymns under the title "The Love Militia". During recording they are assisted by a string of cool guest musicians like Sandra Hagenaar (Fifty Foot Combo on Hammond) and Todd Trevor of Australian colleague rockers annex drinking buddies The Blacklist (who does a supacool solo contribution on the single Honey Smile). Right on! "The Love Militia" is a debut that aims below the belt. Uncut greasy hardrock-..n-roll which reflects in every possible way the dark, kinky sex singer/guitarist Do De Vos loves to sing about. It is also the album that put Southern Voodoo on the map. Hell yeah!After the recording of the album and some more line-up changes Southern Voodoo put some structure in their sturm-und-drang live performances. In 2006 & 2007 they are one of the most live playing heavy rockbands in Belgium. Their live show is never the same, sometimes with a go-go dancer, sometimes with fire spitting, sometimes with a backing singer, sometimes with pyro,...but always 100% of rock'n'roll debauchery. With that same line-up they recorded follow-up CD "Devil's Drive" which was mixed by Chips Kiesbye (i.e. Hellacopters, Millencollin,..) and Henryk Lipp (DAD, Union Carbide Productions, ...). Release: now. You have been warned (from their Myspace)

Note: this is my last post this week, have a nice week-end and see you all next week.
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Human Bell - Human Bell (2008)

Human Bell's self-titled debut album is an instrumental post-rock album. Nathan Bell and Dave Heumann first started playing music togther sometime after the start of '99 and definitely before the end of '01. It was soon apparent that they'd hit upon a winning combination - they found an unusual synergy of writing styles that has enabled them, at times, to compose a whole album's worth of songs together in the course of a leisurely afternoon. The style of music that they found themselves playing defies categorization, but has been described by listeners as containing aspects of minimalism, pre-war american blues/folk, and middle eastern and african musics (from their Myspace)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

La Muerte - 5 albums

Mystery Songs (1986)

Peep Show (1986)

Every Soul By Sin Oppressed (1987)

Experiment in Terror (1990)

Raw (1994)

La muerte website
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Bjørn Berge - I'm the Antipop (2007)

With his raspy voice, Bjørn Berge screams the blues, with dark visions and lyrics about current issues. However, Berge’s Viking style and music reach far beyond the blues. When he's not playing his originals, he covers tracks by Frank Zappa, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Motorhead with just an acoustic guitar. His sound is amazing and definitely unique. Although Berge is a mass of pure energy, his guitar playing is as precise as the workings of a Swiss watch (let’s not forget Bjorn started his musical career playing blue grass on a five string banjo). With « I’m The Antipop », this hard-rocking bluesman covers his favorite artists’ and demonstrates that a twelve string guitar can wield the same power as a full-fledged rock band.

01 Testify
02 Buena
03 Heartbreaker
04 Show Me How to Live
05 Ruphus
06 Antipop
07 Louise
08 Hmm
09 Suck My Kiss
10 N.I.B
11 One Believer
12 Dream On