Monday, April 6, 2009

Static Disaster - The UK In The Red Records (2005)

I think you regular reader of this blog would also like this compilation. This In The Red label sampler is the perfect introduction to one of the coolest labels around. In The Red stands alone as a repository for the highest-quality garage punk around, and also some of the most accessible garage pop. More than 70 minutes of prime cuts from the label roster, mixing already released and unreleased tracks. Features two John Spencer Blues Explosion cuts previously available on long out of print 7-inch.

1. The Dirtbombs 'I Can’t Stop Thinking About It'
2. The Hunches 'Static Disaster'
3. Reigning Sound 'Drowning'
4. Cheater Slicks 'Walk Up The Street'
5. The Deadly Snakes 'I Can’t Sleep At Night'
6. Lost Sounds 'Trails/Fears'
7. Blacktop 'I Think It’s Gonna Rain'
8. The Ponys 'Chemical Imbalance'
9. Country Teasers 'Success'
10. King Brothers 'Lulu'
11. Dan Melchior’s Broke Revue 'I’m A Robot'
12. The Bassholes 'Microscope Feeling'
13. The Mystery Girls 'Silver Turns To Gold'
14. The Piranhas 'Girls Like It Too'
15. The Screws 'I See You, Baby'
16. The Hospitals 'I’m A Bug'
17. Clone Defects 'Shapes Of Venus'
18. The Horrors 'Cold Blooded'
19. VOLT 'I Don’t Feel So Good'
20. The Intelligence 'Tropical Struggle'
21. Speedball Baby 'Do Ya Wanna Scratch It?
22. The FUSE! 'League Of Women Voters'
23. Knoxville Girls 'That’s Alright With Me'
24. The Necessary Evils 'Drag Pow Wow Drag'
25. Andre Williams 'I Wanna Be Your Favorite Pair Of Pajamas'
26. The Lamps 'Rototiller'
27. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion 'Shirt Jac'/'Train #3'


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