Thursday, April 9, 2009

Southern Voodoo - 2 albums

Devil's Drive (2007)

The Love Militia (2005)

Chaos - mayhem - rock'n'roll!! Four arrogant ego trippers with a common craze for rancid rock-..n-roll and everything the lord - and in a lesser degree the devil put on a blacklist in all his wisdom. Southern Voodoo's chaos, decadence and explosive brawls but always ends up on their feet. The band arose somewhere in spring of 2001 but due to almost constant line-up changes it takes until 2003 before they record a first demo as a three piece band. In 2004, the trio releases the four-song demo "Southern voodoo". The action is go. One song (Cosmic Dancer) makes it to alternative radio and ends up on a compilation of a popular rock magazine. In the summer of 2005 -in two different sessions (in between they sign a record deal) - they record twelve quivering super-fat rock-..n-roll hymns under the title "The Love Militia". During recording they are assisted by a string of cool guest musicians like Sandra Hagenaar (Fifty Foot Combo on Hammond) and Todd Trevor of Australian colleague rockers annex drinking buddies The Blacklist (who does a supacool solo contribution on the single Honey Smile). Right on! "The Love Militia" is a debut that aims below the belt. Uncut greasy hardrock-..n-roll which reflects in every possible way the dark, kinky sex singer/guitarist Do De Vos loves to sing about. It is also the album that put Southern Voodoo on the map. Hell yeah!After the recording of the album and some more line-up changes Southern Voodoo put some structure in their sturm-und-drang live performances. In 2006 & 2007 they are one of the most live playing heavy rockbands in Belgium. Their live show is never the same, sometimes with a go-go dancer, sometimes with fire spitting, sometimes with a backing singer, sometimes with pyro,...but always 100% of rock'n'roll debauchery. With that same line-up they recorded follow-up CD "Devil's Drive" which was mixed by Chips Kiesbye (i.e. Hellacopters, Millencollin,..) and Henryk Lipp (DAD, Union Carbide Productions, ...). Release: now. You have been warned (from their Myspace)

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All credits to Pazzyryck

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