Thursday, April 2, 2009

Howling Diablos - Carwash (2005)

If you're looking for some good, funky blues to listen, then is Car Wash a good offer. The Howling Diablos (from Detroit) play the blues with sweat and feeling. Similar artists are the Black Keys and R.L. Burnside.


Thanks to Peter (Greece)


Ron said...

Hee Pascalito, dit is een te gekke band, ik heb er nog 2 cd,s + cds van....interesse???


pascalito said...

Ja hoor, U mag een link plaatsen in m'n shoutbox, of een mailtje sturen (e-mailadres zie mijn profiel)
Alvast bedankt, Pascalito


From my little knowledge to Dutch i mention Ron you got more from Howling Diablos?
You mean you got the live cd & the green bottle am i right?
If i understand well i would be grateful if you post them or send me a link