Thursday, February 26, 2009

Audionom - Unreleased Songs

In expectation of their new record 'Superior' (released today), I post some unreleased songs of this Swedish kraut/new wave band.

1. TV Screen
2. Unknown Title
3. In the streets
4. In your arm
5. Society
6. Kein boch
7. Making an attack
8. Motorway

This is my last post for this week, I'm leaving tomorrow. Have a nice weekend and see you all next week.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Masters of Reality - The Ballad of Jody Frosty (1994 - unreleased)

Ron sent this to me, this supposed to be their 4th record, but it was never released.
1. The voice and the vision
2. Bela Alef Rose
3. Dollar bill
4. Baby Mae
5. The ballad of Jody Frosty
6. Brownhouse on the green road
7. The true song
8. Swingeroo Joe
9. Pussy pie
10. Alder smoke blues
11. Still on the hill

Goon Moon - Licker's Last Leg (2007)

In expectation of the new Masters of Reality album ('Pine/Cross Dover', release date ?), I present you Goon Moon, a side-project of Chris Goss.
Goon Moon is: Masters of Reality singer/guitarist Chris Goss, Hella drummer Zach Hill and Jeordie White (A.K.A Twiggy Ramirez), the former bass player with Marilyn Manson.
Surprisingly, 'Licker’s Last Leg', their second album, sounds nothing like a reincarnation of the band members past. It’s a rag tag mix of refreshing obscurity consisting of Kyuss style stoner Rock, 60’s psychedelia, and Deerhoof goof ball Rock.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

V.A. - Gloria International Garage Rock Club (2005)

Digipak CD that includes 24 really rare tracks from The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Caesars, The Chesterfield Kings, The Datsuns, The Dirtbombs, The Hives, The Raveonettes, The Undercurrent, The Barracudas, Bob Seger System and much more.
1.: Don't Tell Me - Come Ons
2.: Jenny Jenny - Urges
3.: Dorolia - Price, Len Trio
4.: Harlem Shuffle -'s
5.: Too Far Gone - Baby Woodrose
6.: Gonna Rip Your Photograph - Priscillas
7.: Omerta - D4
8.: Hustler - Flaming Sideburns
9.: Avenger Hill Street Blues - Soundtrack Of Our Lives
10.: Atom Bomb - Datsuns
11.: Say Man What Time Is It - Mooney Suzuki
12.: As Warm As You Really Are - Armstrong, Nic
13.: Girl Don't Tell Me - Chesterfield Kings
14.: Tomorrow She Said - Prisoners
15.: You Got It Made - Little Killers
16.: Come Back Baby - Hoggboy
17.: Psycho Lover - Things
18.: Everything - Sights
19.: Love Sound - Sacred Sailors
20.: Clan - Second Sex
21.: Fever - Hives
22.: Subway Surfin - Barracudas
23.: King's Lead Hat - Dirtbombs
24.: You Know You Can Do It - Jones, Edgar 'Jones'

Monday, February 23, 2009

Waxy - Chainsaw Holiday (2007)

Waxy is an American (California) stoner rock band. The power quartet consists of frontman Robert Owen (guitar/vocals), bassist Owen Street, drummer Sean Landerra and Brett Stadler (lyrics, bottles and cans). Following their 2005 self-titled debut, 2007 saw the release of their second effort Chainsaw Holiday, which featured guest appearances by Alfredo Hernández (Kyuss, Che,...), Jesse Hughes (Eagles of Death Metal), John Garcia (Kyuss, Slo Burn, Unida & Hermano),Gary Arce (Yawning man) and Ed Mundell (Monster Magnet). This album really needs your attention. Expect the real 'Palm Desert' vibe in their sound (Desert Sessions, Hermano, QOTSA...)
Highly recommended!

Hemano - ... Only a Suggestion (2002)

Their first album featuring vocalist John Garcia of Kyuss fame (and Slo Burn & Unida of course).
Remaining bandmembers are: bassist David Angstrom (Supafuzz, Black Cat Bone), drummer Steve Earle (Afghan Whigs), guitarists Mike Callahan (Disengaged) and Dandy Brown (Orquesta del Desierto).
Album signed by 'god' himself.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Green Hornet - So Much To Give (2007)

Green Hornet is a sleaze rock band from the Netherlands (Groningen). The band released four albums, of which 'So Much To Give' is the latest. They bring us an exciting mix of garage, surf, soul and swampblues, with a prominent organ (think zZz, 50ft Combo, Dirtbombs...). Green Hornet is currently signed to Dutch label Excelsior Recordings (home of bands such as zZz, Triggerfinger, De Staat and much more).

Saturday, February 21, 2009

De Staat - Wait For Evolution (2009)

One of Holland's most promising new (stoner?)rock bands. De Staat combines the power riffs of Queens Of The Stone Age with the more eclectic sounds of dEUS.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Death Letters - The Death Letters (2009)

The Death Letters is a Dutch two-piece band from the city of Dordrecht (they're just 16 & 17!). The band offers an overwhelming mixture of Rock and Blues . Influences come from acts as The Black Keys, The Datsuns and especially our own Black Box Revelation.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Danko Jones - B-Sides (2009)

With the ‘B-Sides’ album comes one huge collection of 27 songs from the DANKO JONES archives. Songs from every period of the band’s career are included.
01. The Rules – 1:57
02. My Time Is Now – 3:03
03. I Like To Ball – 1:29
04. Never Again – 2:19
05. My Problems (Are Your Problems Now) – 3:16
06. Starlicker – 1:38
07. Woogie Boogie – 2:54
08. Sugar High – 3:36
09. Ice Cold Angel – 1:24
10. Choose Me – 2:27
11. Big Bed – 2:06
12. Sold My Soul – 4:15
13. Sex – 3:48
14. Fucked Up – 2:24
15. First Date (edit) – 2:50
16. Cheater – 2:06
17. Pump It Up – 3:17
18. The Big Holdout – 2:40
19. You Ruin The Day – 3:22
20. Hit Song – 1:22
21. The Return of Jackie and Judy – 3:02
22. Make A Move – 3:22
23. Drop Your Man – 2:19
24. Thinking Of You – 2:29
25. R.I.P. RFTC – 2:25
26. Peacock Stomp – 1:50
27. Take Me Out On A Stretcher – 2:09

Note: This is my last post this week, I'm leaving tomorrow. Have a good weekend and see you all next week.

V.A. - How We Rock (2002)

Here's a collection just begging you to develop tinnitus listening and while there's a million garage rock compilations out there, this Burning Heart compilation is one louder.
Turbonegro: The Age of Pamparius
Zeke: Live Wire
The Hives: Main Offender
New Bomb Turks: Continental Cats
Dwarves: How It's Done
The Peepshows: Never Say No
The Donnas: 40 Boys in 40 Nights
The Hellacopters: Truckloads of Nuthin
The (International) Noise Conspiracy: Up for Sale
Puffball: High Powered
Supersuckers: Shake it Off
Electric Frankenstein: NY Knights
Sahara Hotnights: Alright, Alright (Here's My Fist Where's the Fight?)
Rocket From the Crypt: Straight American Slave
Gluecifer: I Got a War
Randy: Cheater
Gotohells: Piece of the Sun
Danko Jones: Bounce

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dead Fly Buchowski - Land Of The Rough (2005)

Here's a little treasure, Dead Fly Buchowski, four Scottish monikers. On their debut, 'Land Of The Rough', you'll hear clearly the grunge influences ( Screaming Trees, Mudhoney, Soundgarden ...), blended with '70's psychedelica (Led Zep, Hawkwind..). More words are unnecessary, this is just an impressive debut album.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Slo Burn - The Red Ant Recordings (1996)

Here's a real classic, for those who don't have the entire album yet!

01-the prizefighter *
02-muezli *
03-pilot the dune *
04-july *
07-cactus jumper
08-round trip
09-snake hips

F**k Me USA - F**k Me USA (2007)/ Re-up

Sit down and play tracks such as 'Go Go Chicago' or 'Southside Johnny' in conjunction with a film like Natural Born Killers and you can feel the synchronicity, the ‘f**k you’ vibe. A brutal fusion of electronics, drums and distorted guitars, or think the Stooges mixed with Suicide.

Los Natas - Live en Ginebra (26-10-2005)

This is a mp3 rip from their live DVD, This is a nice mix between some older songs and their more recent stuff. The sound quality is quite good.
1- Tufi Meme
2- Ciudad de Brahman
3- El Cono del Encono
4- Meteoro 2028
5- Agatha (El Bolsero)
6- No es lo mismo
7- Soma
8- Bumburi
9- Tormenta Mental
10- Planeta Solitario
11- Patas de Elefante

Muchas gracias to Ivan (Argentina)

Monday, February 9, 2009

O'haras - Bulls & Beans (2005)

This Antwerp based quartet brings an instrumental melting pot of surf, rockabilly, punk and western, spiced with ska & flamenco. Call it power-surfabilly , flamenco-surf or whatever you want, the O'haras offers you pure instrumental passion. With additional vocals by Alex Agnew (famous Belgian stand up comedian). The album opens with a cover of the Muppet show theme song. Tequila baby!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Triggerfinger - Triggerfinger (2004)

Debut album from this Flemish power trio. They put out a sound reminiscent of AC/DC , Led Zeppelin and ZZ Top, but also to Creedence Clearwater Revival - they cover their 'Commotion' and do that very well - There's also a spooky cover of Brel s' Au Suivant '.

Triggerfinger - Faders Up: LIVE (2008)

One of Belgium's best live acts around, this Antwerp-based trio brings you an astonishing, amazing mix between (metal)blues and stoner. If you have seen Triggerfinger live, you know once and for all how much energy the Belgian trio generates.

1.On my knees (Live)
2.Faders up (Live)
3.Lil' teaser (Live)
4.Drivin' (Live)
5.Father of night (Live)
6.Camaro (Live)
7.Hunt you down (Live)
8.Commotion (Live)
9.Nothing achieving (Live)
10.Boris the Spider (Live)
11.Angelene (Live)

Warsaw - Warsaw (1977)

The highly acclaimed UK post-punk band Joy Division was originally called Warsaw, formed in Manchester in the late '70's. This is a 1994 reissue of early recordings, featuring 17 raw, but respectable cuts, including five bonus tracks. The songs are punkier and rawer before they became J.D.. I've got this album from a colleague.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Archie Bronson Outfit - Fur (2004)

This south London, England-based blues rock group comprises Sam Windett (vocals/guitar), Dorian Hobday (bass) and Mark Cleveland (drums). They play an upbeat brand of raw blues-tinged rock. 'Fur' was released in 2004 on Domino Records, in 2006 they released 'Derdang Derdang' (Domino), their last record so far.