Monday, February 23, 2009

Waxy - Chainsaw Holiday (2007)

Waxy is an American (California) stoner rock band. The power quartet consists of frontman Robert Owen (guitar/vocals), bassist Owen Street, drummer Sean Landerra and Brett Stadler (lyrics, bottles and cans). Following their 2005 self-titled debut, 2007 saw the release of their second effort Chainsaw Holiday, which featured guest appearances by Alfredo Hernández (Kyuss, Che,...), Jesse Hughes (Eagles of Death Metal), John Garcia (Kyuss, Slo Burn, Unida & Hermano),Gary Arce (Yawning man) and Ed Mundell (Monster Magnet). This album really needs your attention. Expect the real 'Palm Desert' vibe in their sound (Desert Sessions, Hermano, QOTSA...)
Highly recommended!

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