Sunday, January 10, 2010

Camaros - Romantique (2002)

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Here's the debut full-lenght by Norway three-piece Camaros. Don't let mislead you by their album cover and -title, 'cause they'll kick your ass with some of the filthiest garage/rock'n'roll, added with an extreme horny blues feeling. Just put this lil' 'm*%¨>@f#~er' in your car stereo, turn it on maximum and lets spin those wheels and burn those tires! Hell yeah...

Camaros on Myspace Preview Romantique Here

1 comment:

stoner_man said...

Très bon très bon album.

Certains titres font naturellement headbanger comme un crétin mais c'est ce qu'on aime un peu tous. :-)

Merci pour la découverte.