Friday, January 22, 2010

Eddy Current Suppression Ring - Primary Colours (2008)

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Finally, back in the 'blogosphere' again and I start my free week with another unknown and promising band from Australia. 'Primary Colours' is the second full-lenght by this Melbourne-based quartet, named shortly as 'ECSR'. They started in late 2003 and consist of Eddy Current (guitar), bassist Rob Solid, drummer Danny Current and Brendan Suppression on vocals. Dominated by tough, hooky tunes, no-frills musicianship, and Brendan's broad Australian accent, the album earned enthusiastic reviews from critics with an ear for garage and postpunk sounds. This album became an unexpected crossover success, rising to number six on the Australian charts and earning ECSR a nomination for Best Rock Album of 2008 at the Australian Music Industry Awards.

Eddy Current Suppression Ring on Myspace Preview Primary Colours Here

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