Friday, January 8, 2010

The Mutts - I Us We You (2006)

front cover
First of all, thank you for all the responses you've dropped in my shoutbox, posts or e-mail, I hope I can serve more good music this year, so let's start 2010 with Brighton based 'The Mutts'. The Mutts are Chris Murtagh (Vocals), Bryan Shore (Guitar), Sam Burgess (Bass) and Jake Sweetman (drums, he replaced Adam Watson). Taking 60's garage and 70's Detroit mixed with 90's stoner, this 9 track EP/mini album serves everything from rock n' roll to blues, glam, rock, soul and beyond. After the release of a 6-track EP (also posted on this blog), they've released their debut full-album "Life In Dirt" in 2005, followed by this mini-album in 2006. Sadly they disbanded shortly after this release.

The Mutts on Myspace Preview I Us We You Here

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Anonymous said...

Hey bro, i got two questions:

1) Was the the encode you traded of this album a V0 rip?
2) Could you please re-up it because noone's trading V0's of it on soulseek? It would be much appreciated.