Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Black Mustang - Between The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (2009)

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I proudly present you Black Mustang, one of Brisbane’s (Australia) most exhilarating new bands, with its rawest and purest, most catchy rock 'n' roll. Black Mustang have developed an explosive live set with teenage kicks and manic pop thrills. What an exciting new R'n'R-scene there is in Australia (see Legends of Motorsport, Fumes, Blackwater Fever, The Mess Hall and lots more... and it's summertime up there right now, while we're freezing...). Going from rambunctious garage rock 'n' roll and blues to 70's glam rock, this is one of the most astonishing rock albums that I've heard in quite some time. Personally I prefer a 'black Mustang' rather than an old 'Nissan', even it's a 240Z (...which are very marvellous). Highly recommended!

Black Mustang on Myspace Preview Between The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea Here