Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Scott H. Biram - Lo-Fi Mojo (2003)

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Wow, quite a surprise, it seems Scott H. Biram is planning an European tour this year, and what's suprised me even more, he's coming to my hometown (Ostend @ The Terminus), so that gives me a good reason to post his live album, entitled 'Lo-Fi Mojo' (recorded Feb 2nd@KVRX). Here's a review which I've made last year...

Biram is a one-man band, playing all his songs on a '59 Gibson hollow body. Biram's number one love is the blues. Next in line come punk, metal, country, bluegrass.... Biram offers up a unique blend of "real" country, old-school acoustic blues, and punk. With influences ranging from hardcore and metal to blues and country, Biram takes on some of America's finest music and turns it into a phenomenal mish-mash that's as dirty and raw as it is impressive.

Scott H Biram on Myspace Preview Lo-Fi Mojo Here

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