Monday, January 25, 2010

Ill Ease - All Systems A-Go-Go (2007)

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Lets start on this monday morning with an 'one-woman band', and to be honest, I can't remember there are a lot 'one-woman' bands (KT Tunstall, although this has nothin' in common with KT's accoustic pop/folk approach). 'Ill Ease' is Elizabeth Sharp's brainchild, and it's an addictive, rhythm-heavy album infused with fuzzy lo-fi guitars and slippery vocals. 'All Systems A-Go-Go' is Sharp's second (regular) full-lenght, other releases are: The Exorcist (2004) and Turn It Loose (2008), Greatest Tits 12" (2003), Jersey-o-matic 7" (2003) and 'Live at the Holiday Sin' (2002). Major influences are: The Kills, PJ Harvey and Sonic Youth.

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