Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Green Hornet - Heavyweights 10" (2001)

front cover
After releasing their debut album 'Going Down' (which you find in my archives also), recorded Green Hornet three 45rpm vinyl albums, which 'Heavyweights' was the last one. Expect on this very rare album a sultry mix of stirred up sixtiespunk and glorious (surf)instrumentals. With an unusual lin-up (organ, mouthharp, guitar & drums) they bring a lot of different styles (blues, soul, punk, surf...). 'Heavyweights' shows more convincing than ever the different sides of Green Hornet: Exciting 'Rockers' and trashy instrumentals take turns with soulful ballads. .

All credits goes to Ron, thx amigo.

Green Hornet on Myspace Download Heavyweights 10 inch Here

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