Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dyse - Lieder Sind Bruder Der Revolution (2009)

front cover

Dyse, a German two-headed noise monster is back with their second full-release 'Lieder Sind Bruder Der Revolution'. You're ready for an expirimental dynamic distorted noise-stoner jam session or you like the Melvins-freakness? Well, then you should try this out. They'll start an European tour on 23rd Oct, check their Myspace for further info. Requested.

Dyse on Myspace Download Lieder Sind Bruder Der Revolution


Mr. Amsterdamned said...

nice one thanks! But there's something wrong with track 10

demonic-mark said...

Saw Dyse live a couple of times!
Great band, nice guys too.
Forgot to buy the album at the last gig in Berlin.

If you don't have the 1st. Dyse album, I can post it for you!

Thanks for the upload Pascalito!


demonic-mark said...

Hi There!

You asked me if I'm from Belgium..
Actually No, I'm a Dutch guy, originally from Groningen, way up north, but I have been living in Berlin for 6 years now. Have been following the Belgium scene intensively since early 90's. That's one of the reasons why I like your blog. Greets aus die Mauerstadt.