Friday, October 30, 2009

River City Tanlines - I'm Your Negative (2006)

front cover

River City Tanlines is Alicja Trout's new brainchild. Alicja plays with bands such as the Lost Sounds and Mouserocket, she also runs a label (Contaminated Records) and a recording studio as well!!! What's all the more remarkable is that each band actually manages to have its own personality, and on River City Tanlines' first full-lenght, they conjure up a distinct blend of garage rock, hard rock and pop-punk. Here's a biography I found on the net:

Taking their cues from 1970s punk, Runaways-influenced hard rock, and North Mississippi blues, the River City Tanlines formed from the ashes of several local bands in Memphis, TN. Singer/guitarist Alicja Trout -- an established songwriter with ties to such Memphis-based groups as the Lost Sounds, Destruction Unit, Black Sunday, and Mouserocket -- founded the trio in the early 2000s with help from bassist Terrence Bishop and drummer John Bonds, both of whom had previously played alongside Delta blues artists. The band's synthesis of punky blues and garage rock found a devoted audience in Memphis, and the River City Tanlines captured their craft on albums like I'm Your Negative.

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