Thursday, September 10, 2009

Vue - The Death of a Girl (1999)

front cover

First release from this Bay-Area fivesome, previously known as Audience. Mixing in thick low ends and delta-blues rhythms with jarbled guitars and near-ranting vocals, Vue’s work puts a ‘90s spin on the dark, brooding and almost out of control sounds of bands like the Birthday Party and early ‘80s Cure. With its noisy, rough edges hiding a strong sense of songwriting, the band’s enthusiasm is more than infectious: it’s almost impossible not to want to dust off the instruments and start a band after giving The Death of a Girl a spin. (source: Aversion). So, that's my last offer for this week, have a nice weekend and see you all next week.

Vue on Myspace Download Death of a girl


ryan said...

You've just made my day. Thanks for all the Vue uploads. Such a great band, and sadly so underrated. Do you have their self-titled album? Thanks again!

pascalito said...
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pascalito said...

Ryan, I have 'Find your Home', I got this from a friend. Are you interested?

ryan said...

Hey Pascalito, I've got that record, but you should upload it anyway. People need to hear this band. Thanks again for all your great uploads.