Monday, September 21, 2009

Creature With The Atom Brain - Kill The Snake (2005)


'Creature With The Atom Brain', consisting Aldo Struyf and Dave Schroyen (Millionaire, ex-Vandal X, Mark Lanegan Band), Jan Wygers (Mauro and the Grooms) and Michiel Van Cleuvenbergen, was named after a SF horrormovie from the fifties. Those four 'creatures' mix drone-& stonerrock with chaotic synths, distorted vocals and blues (especially on second half of this album). 'Kill The Snake' was their second EP, shortly released after the 'Snake' EP. CWTAB also released two full albums, 'I am the Golden Gate Bridge' in 2007 and Transylvania in 2009. A huge thanks goes to Joop from Musical Mojo.

CWTAB on Myspace Download Kill The Snake


Joop Konraad said...

Tnx for the Tnx amigo ! ;)

Just a small note: they are not named after the movie... Well; indirectly... They named themselves after the song by Roky Erickson... To honour the man... (He in turn named the song after the movie...)

pascalito said...

Thx for the xtra info.

Chairmaker said...

Thanks for this and the many other interesting things I've been downloading from your blog.

Programa de Colaboración said...

Hi Pascalito, thanks a lot for your awesome blog. I've trying to download the two full length album by Crature with the Atom Brain but they turned to be errors.
Could you please upload them or update their links, please?
Thanks a million!

johnny rebel said...

Can you please upload this again, getting an error message. It would be much appreciated, thanks.

Alberte Carral said...

Hi Pascalito, same thing that this friends had say i couldn't download this album is the only one that i couldn't find from this band that i really like even i had bought the last 3 albums and had show 2 concerts but this one is a bad ass to find