Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fifty Foot Combo - 3 Albums

Strike! The Early Years 1994-2000

download Strike here

Go Hunting (2001)
Download Go Hunting here

Caffeïne (2003)
Download Caffeïne here

After posting 'GHT-BXL' and 'Live at Ernesto's' I serve 3 more albums of one of the best live bands Belgium ever had, Fity Foot Combo. After recorded several LP's and EP's they split up at the end of 2006. They brought us a sublime mix of Garage , Surfpunk, Soul, Rock'n'Roll and Tribal. Requested.


mr.A said...

Nico post dude!

mr.A said...

Well... Hmmm... NICE!

PEMUDA70AN said...

hi, please reupload

Stavros said...

Hello, can you please upload the albums again.