Thursday, February 11, 2010

Joe Buck Yourself - Joe Buck Yourself (2007)

Here's a reissue of Joe Buck's debut album, originally released in 2004, but re-released in 2007, although it consists some different tracks on both albums. I would like to thank the 'Croooww' and 'Good Music Stuff' for this 2007 release. Here's his biography and a brief description I made for Joe's first release.

The once anti-Nashville Joe Buck gained notoriety as the guitarist of Th' Legenday Shack Shakers. As Hank III's villianous sideman, the snarling upright bass player became infamously recognizable. Joe Buck Yourself is now a bonefide evil motherfucking, one man band. This unique blend of hellbilly punkrock ain't your grandma's hillbilly music. Joe Buck Yourself, mother fuckers! (taken from his website).
This is a pure 'motherfucking' Western hellbilly garage punkrock album, or imagine the mighty Cramps fronted by Hank Williams, it blow your head off immediately. Requested.

Joe Buck on Myspace Preview Joe Buck Yourself Here

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