Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Black Diamonds - The Black Diamonds (2006)

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If you dig The Suede Brothers, than you should check this as well. The Black Diamonds were formed in Cleveland, Ohio, somewhere mid 2004, consisting two members of The Suede Brothers (Kevin Naughton on bass and Dylan Francis on guitar and vocals). Their self titled release is a giant slab of churning guitar chords that chug along like a freight train melting the tracks in its path. Think Black Sabbath meets Led Zeppelin by way of the White Stripes and the end result is a 70's blues based rock and roll sound. These youngsters have swiped the best elements from all that rotten '70's rock (hard rock, garage,...), personalized it and made it their own. Fuzzy guitar riffs and vocal hooks spread like a virus throughout the whole album. They sadly broke up, recorded just one album, but like I wrote, two members rejoined and started a new band...The Suede Brothers (their albums are posted on this blog also).

The Black Diamonds on Myspace Preview The Black Diamonds Here


Cheeto said...

Awesome album! Thanx, brother!

godzilla2000 said...

excelent album,cheers!!!

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