Monday, March 8, 2010

Hyacinth House - Black Crows' Country (2008)

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Started in 2003 Hyacinth House was Mack Johansson's solo project, but he was joined by fellow musicians ( up to 17!) when he released his self-titled debut in 2005, followed by 'Black Crows' Country' in 2007. Black Crows' Country is an intriguing and dark album with an angry combination of folk, rock and country. Whether it's an electric guitar, banjo, dobro, mandolin, harmonica or cello, this Swedish sextet use it with such a passion... Highly recommended!

Hyacinth House on Myspace Preview Black Crows' Country Here


L said...

I love the samples I heard. Can't wait to hear the real thing. Thanks so much for the HH post.

Doktor Alphonzo said...

Just stumbled into your wonderful blog - this is a really great album, many thanks for the enlightenment.